Leading With Self-Awareness

by: Joe McAlpine  |  April 27th, 2017  |  Coaching> Students  | 

leading with self-awareness

Mike Park, a Slingshot Student Ministry Associate, delivered an awesome talk during the Pre-Conference Breakout Sessions at Orange Conference 2017 on Wednesday. Mike pointed out that sometimes we aren’t self-aware at all, but often we are actually self-conscious.

This seminar honestly hit me right between the eyes. There have been so many times in my career when I thought I was self-aware, only to find that I actually had no clue what was happening around me, or how others viewed me. Mike transitioned his talk so beautifully to the idea that true self-awareness comes from a place of having margin in your life.

 Here are the three tools to creating self-awareness, as described by Mike Park:


  1. Empty The Emotional Jug.  Ask yourself, “What am I mad about?  What am I sad about?  What am I afraid of?  What am I glad about?”  Reflect on these answers, maybe even write them down.  Knowing the answers to these questions will help you find the blind spots you might have to knowing yourself.
  2. Use the Examen Prayer.  This revolves around the idea of consolation and desolation.  In other words, ask yourself first, “What energized me today?”  Take some time to pray and reflect on this.  After you have done that, ask yourself, “What was draining to me today?”  Then, pray about that.  Truly allow yourself time to deeply reflect on these issues.
  3. Create Margins.  Margin gives you space to hear from God.  When we don’t have margin in our lives we get tired, and that is not the way of life God intends for us.  Install a true sabbath in your life that includes pauses, rest, contemplation, and delighting in the things that bring you energy and importance.

When we stop and take the time to truly reflect on what is important in life, it changes our perspective of those around us, and also of our self-image.  Mike closed his talk with this video that beautifully illustrates how silence can change our perspective:

This was by far one of the best breakouts I have ever attended at OC.  Thanks for the great insight, Mike!


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