Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Kid Min Leader

by:  |  December 11th, 2015  |  Childrens  | 

Kid’s ministry leaders are essential to your church. In fact, children are the most spiritually sensitive and receptive group at your church. As they grow and develop, children’s ministry can be a great place to instill in them a desire and love for God and His Word. But in order to impact the children that come through your church’s doors every weekend, you need a strong leader.

Though kid’s ministry is a crucial part of your church, it can also be a challenging space to lead. More often than not, kid’s ministries are diverse, ranging in age from birth through preteen. Typical kid’s ministries require diverse programs and a leader who is able to wrangle and encourage volunteers (not always an easy task). So the question is, what qualities should you look for when hiring a kid min leader? What character traits, skills, and practices are important for a kid’s ministry leader to possess?

Here are some important qualities to look out for:

Vision casting abilities

A good kid’s ministry leader has the ability to cast vision across a wide spectrum, and own the outcome. They see the vision and are able to easily relay it to other team members and volunteer staff. They see the bigger picture and are able to put that vision into action across their team.

Ability to lead other adults and volunteers

Good kid’s ministry leaders have a strong capacity to lead others. They encourage, inspire, and aren’t afraid to GO FIRST. Kid’s ministry leaders are often responsible for leading more adults than they are kids, including other team members and volunteers. Therefore, it is essential that they possess certain leadership qualities and character traits. Some of these pay include:

  • Personal accountability
  • A joy for serving the Lord
  • Desire to empower others
  • Positive attitude
  • Effective delegation skills
  • Compelling faith that is attractive to others

A genuine love for and relationship with God

Effective kid’s ministry leaders have a genuine relationship with God and love the people He loves. They see the value in serving kids and have a desire to make a difference in the lives of children and their families through their work.

Understanding of spiritual growth

Kid’s ministry leaders possess an acute understanding of spiritual growth. They understand the importance of investing in children to further their spiritual growth in God and their knowledge of His truth and grace. Kids soak up more than we can imagine in the early stages of their lives, so it is essential that we pour into them during this time, as well as set a positive example and be God-glorifying role models of our faith.

Ability to create structure and ensure order

Great kid’s ministry leaders can see the bigger picture while also focusing in on the details that will be required to put things into action. Kid’s ministry can get crazy and out of control in a split second, so having certain structures in place as well as game-plans for when things go awry is essential. Good leaders create and put into play processes that help ensure order and stability in what can easily turn into an unstable environment.