Ministry in the Digital Age: Advantages

by:  |  January 5th, 2016  |  Communications  | 

The Advantages: 

1) Social Media: Wider Influence and Outreach

The widespread adoption of large social media platforms has created a unique opportunity for influence and sharing. Social media is now a huge source of information—a hub, of sorts, where users share updates, opinions, and thoughts on the latest trends and media happenings. This creates prime real estate to widen your own influence and ministry.

Social media provides endless opportunities to connect with people outside of your church walls. It also allows your church to have a wider influence and gives it the ability to reach specific people with targeted messaging and information. Not only that, but it can be a great tool for growing your church reach and attendance.

Beyond providing a platform for sharing and disseminating information, social media allows you to build authenticity, transparency, and humanness. It is an extension of your brand and can be a great place to build relationships with your church members, get a pulse on your church, engage in conversation, and keep members up-to-date on the latest happenings at your church.

Social media also provides a great opening for discipleship. It gives you an opportunity to invite others into your church community. This begins with connecting with people through your various social media platforms, sharing relevant information, engaging with your online community, meeting with people in person, and then extending an invite for them to visit your church, where you can further guide and disciple them.

2) Simplifying Donations and Fundraising

With new media advancements, long gone are the days of passing around a basket to collect donations (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). Now, donations can be easily made through your website or through social media links and ads. Some ministries are even using texting as a tool for people to easily donate to support specific causes. The expansion of social media and improved website functionality have made it a so much easier to set up specific donation portals for missions, programs, and other causes your church supports or is a part of. And with people spending more time on their phones over their desktops, mobile donation options and apps have become another easy way for church members to give.

3) New Opportunities for Technical Staff

New digital media advancements and growth are creating many new openings and positions for church staff with knowledge of web design, social media, video production, and photography that have the experience to take on these technical roles. Churches are now seeking technical, lighting, and creative directors to take on newly defined positions in order to meet rising needs within the church.

4) Web Analytics: Improving the Experience

The beauty of web analytics: they help us discern what’s working, what needs work, and which areas of our ministry are thriving or failing. With analytics connected to our website, social media, and videos, we can look at engagement rates, likes, favorites, and re-tweets to see what things are engaging and interesting to our church audience. Analytics can be a great tool for improving your church programs, services, and outreach!