Worship Pastor
Northpointe Community Church

DeWitt, Michigan
Church Description *
Northpointe Community Church is all about helping people move toward a life fully devoted to Jesus Christ. Their approach and mission is pretty simple and straight-forward; it guides all that they do: help all people move to a life fully devoted to Jesus. They take seriously the call to reach the lost, make disciples, help people grow, and to equip them to reproduce that relationship in Jesus.

“Fun” might be a differentiator that sets this staff team apart from many. This group enjoys working together and having each other’s backs. “We don’t have to be best friends, but whoever joins this team needs to know that there is a love for one another here that is tempered and refined,” says Chris Carter.

The church is over one hundred years old, and yet there is a new and fresh vitality about the mission and vision that is playing out at Northpointe. Pastor Rick has been leading the team for over two years, and during that time the church has helped feed 120,000 people in Haiti and is in the midst of planting a new church in Ecuador. There is a region to be influenced by the Gospel, and this team wants to be a church that is impacting its community.

Position Description *
“Most in our congregation, and even our guests, would say that our worship ministry is strong,” says Rick, “but those of us on staff and in leadership know that we have reached a ceiling with our volunteer leadership.” This is understandable, knowing that they’ve been without a Worship Pastor for a couple of years. “It is time to freshen up the sound, build pipelines of volunteers, and raise a new generation of worship leaders and musicians.”

The team went through a painful leadership transition in 2013, but has experienced two years of healing. “We have entered a good season for Northpointe,” says Rick. “We are ready to move forward and the team is ripe for a new leader.”

The team is optimistic, and is dreaming about the future; however, there is a sense on the team that it doesn’t all ride just on the next hire. The volunteer leaders have done a great job of holding the worship ministry together, but it is time to take the next step with a new Worship Pastor. “We have a desire to be more creative, and grow this ministry,” says Rick. “I’m looking for a builder who can come in assess where we are and lead us forward. We don’t need, nor do we want, a rock star…Are you someone who wants to shepherd, build, and lead a ministry? Join us at Northpointe!”

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