Ransom Church

Worship Pastor
The Ransom

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Church Description *
Phill Tague never thought he’d return to his home of Sioux Falls, South Dakota to plant a church, but that’s exactly what the Lord led him to do eight years ago. Ransom Church has been setting captives free ever since. The Ransom has a vision of a Sioux Falls that can worship free of inhibition, live free of sin, and serve free of self.

There’s a cliché—facility reflects who we are, and one need not be inside The Ransom’s facility long to understand that this is a unique place. This is a leadership that chose downtown for their first permanent location. The old renovated facility seats about seven hundred on the main level, and the creative kids space is beneath. Opened ceilings expose the old wooden beams, and the scarred brick walls speak of what used to go on here. But the modern interior treatments and the laughter of young families connecting in the lobby before a packed service indicate there’s a new thing happening here. And it is contagious!

The Church sees about two thousand folks spread over four services every weekend. The two services in the morning are packed, and the two in the evening help make the crowds manageable. The church is in the midst of some explosive growth with signs of freedom, not just in weekend service attendance, but also in first-time conversions, baptisms, small groups, students, kids, and mission outreach.

Position Description *
The worship ministry is healthy and in good shape, despite the fact that it has been without a worship pastor for nearly half a year. There are approximately eighty individuals committed to this area of ministry. Obviously, it takes a high commitment to execute four weekend services each Sunday.

The service typically includes a modern playlist comprised of songs from Elevation, United, Hillsong Worship, Bethel, etc. but the “show and production” value is kept in check. “We want people to engage, respond to God and His love. We don’t want to only entertain,” says Campus Pastor Phil Wiseman. “Engagement is the key.”

The ministry is ready for a fresh voice of recruitment. “We are really hopeful that a new leader will attract new talent,” says Phil Wiseman. “We’ve been where we are currently with the personnel we have for a while now.”

The worship team is large and vibrant with several persons deep in each role needed on instruments, vocals, and tech. There is even the sense amongst leadership that the team will be all right with the birth of a second location. As Phil Tague remarked, “We are in a great place with our worship teams. Our leaders have done a tremendous job building a solid foundation. Can it go to the next level? We believe it can.” A great next candidate will bring creativity and excellence on stage to compliment the community and the team that has already been built.

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