Worship Pastor
Thunder Mountain

Sierra Vista, Arizona
Church Description *
Thunder Mountain Community Church has been about the mission of helping people find the joy in living out their God-given purpose since a small group gathered together in 1989 to plant a church to be “ever-growing and ever-reaching this generation for Christ.” On Easter 1990 this dream began to become a reality when Thunder Mountain Community (TMCC) officially launched.

The dream to reach the current generation continues even today as the average age of regular attenders is just twenty-nine years of age. TMCC is a place of compassion for people without Jesus. “There are many of us who remember what it was like to be lost,” says Founding and Senior Pastor Randy Youngblood, “how could we not show this same compassion to others?”

The church is targeting the unchurched, disenfranchised, and those who have given up on church. You need not get your life in order before engaging at TMCC. They are welcoming during weekend services, and they are welcoming in service opportunities (they call “First Serve” experiences) for those not yet believing. The church is non-denominational.

The church has continued on a steady growth path for the last decade and averages over seven hundred spread across four worship gatherings per weekend. There are two gatherings on Saturday evening, and two on Sunday morning.

The future holds a big vision for the church. They are not finished, have plans for future facility, and know they are packed at the optimal time to reach people on weekends.

Position Description *
The four identical weekend services at TMCC last approximately sixty-five minutes, and are led through modern use of a band with click tracks, multi-layered tracks, creative lighting, and stage designs that all drive the message series forward. The playlist consists of the standard genre of a modern worshipping church.

“We want the energy of our worship experiences to be high because we believe life-change involves the mind, will, and emotions, therefore, music must be felt, not just heard to facilitate a life-transforming experience with the living God!” says Randy.

There really is an expectation that people leave TMCC having had an experience that they take with them. “We believe this so much,” says Randy, “that we basically made it the position purpose. We are looking for a leader who can facilitate encounters with the Living God where people leave with the hope of the gospel echoing within them!”

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