The Journey North

Worship Pastor
The Journey North

Baxter, Minnesota
The Journey North commitment to the North Central region of Minnesota is God-sized. They are a multi-site church working across the state to plant, campus and help other churches revitalize for effective ministry. This is the type of opportunity that the right leader could make an impact through worship leadership beyond just one room.

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Since its beginning in 2004, The Journey North has been a church in North/Central Minnesota where people are welcomed no matter who they are or where they’ve been. “In our early days we had a season where we met in a school,” begins Senior Pastor Mark Bjorlo, “some of those teachers and administrators came to Christ because of our involvement.” This value of being an outward-focused church continues to this day. “I want to build a church where people matter to each other because we know they matter to God,” continues Mark. This is evident as now over 900 worship weekly in one of two locations.

The Journey North has made a series of bold moves in acquiring facilities, property and a second location in Aitkin, Minnesota as it continues to move forward. “We truly have become an influential church for this region of North/Central Minnesota,” says Mark. “There are dozens of communities that need the Gospel, and hundreds of churches that need revitalizing.”

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There is a lot that is going on within the worship arts ministry that is positive and great, but they are ready for a fresh vision and direction. The team has great unity and community. The current worship leader is leaving after a good six-year run and building a team.

There is a sense that the team needs to move forward in style. “We are a little stuck in the singer-songwriter/folk music,” says Mark. The team is unanimous in that they would love to move towards a model of more shared worship leadership in a more Hillsong-style.

The team is ready for a new season of equipping, training, and releasing of musicians and worship leaders. This will be critical for Baxter, Aitkin, and beyond. The vision is large, and there are more campuses to come in the future.

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