Front Range Christian Church

Worship Pastor
Front Range Christian Church

Castle Rock, Colorado
Church Description *
For the past 3.5 years, Front Range Christian Church has been about helping people become intentional neighbors through knowing and following Jesus. “I think it’s the community piece that is the difference maker,” says Senior Pastor Ernest Smith. “We’ve put our focus into neighboring well, and we have seen early fruit from it.”

While many church plants are still struggling at year three in “survival mode,” FRCC has moved through this and is now a church of over 500 on most weekends. Ernest did ministry at Sea Coast in South Carolina before planting FRCC. He says, “We have experienced ministry on a big scale and have witnessed the effects of a dynamic church in people’s lives. We are seeing that happening here, and we long to see more.”

“We have been fortunate to have a great worship leader,” says Ernest, “and we are looking to build upon the ground work that has already laid.”

Position Description *
The leaders at FRCC are self-aware and know what a best fit will be for their team. There is a good part of the Worship Pastor role that is aspirational. It will take a worship leader who can translate vision of what “could be” to people for the future. A high D, I, and S on the DISC scale is a must for this fast-moving environment.

The next worship pastor should be:

// A compassionate and empathetic person—someone who cares about the soul of another; they don’t see people as means to an end

// A passionate follower of Jesus—someone with zeal, energy, excitement for what God has done, is doing, and will do

// A learner—someone who believes the best will come when we continue growing

// A dynamic worship leader

// A developer of people

// A strong, humble and confident leader—someone who isn’t threatened by another strong leader but seeks out strong leaders to develop and be developed by

// A team player—someone who sees his role as a part of the collective group, working with others to accomplish the mission

// Someone who sees worship as a proclamation of believers and intrigue for nonbelievers

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