Calvary Bible Church

Worship Leader
Calvary Bible Church

Erie, Colorado
Come to the Front Range of Colorado and join a team at a church that is growing rapidly. Be part of something that is bringing transformation to the community beyond just the platform of a Sunday morning gathering.

Church Description *

Calvary Bible Church is one church in two locations: Boulder and Erie, Colorado. Calvary was founded in 1889, and they launched their Erie campus in a local High School in 2006. The Erie campus has seen dramatic growth and in 2014 opened a permanent facility and averages about 1,100 in weekend worship.

“People are coming to Calvary in Erie because they are invited,” says Campus Pastor Thomas Milburn. “A strong sense of welcoming community and authenticity makes the Erie campus an easy invite for friends.”

They have always been about building a Christ-centered community of people fully devoted to loving God & loving others. This shows up in every area of the church, philosophically in teaching and growth opportunities, practically in the way that they serve in the surrounding community, and in their commitment to, and involvement in, local and global mission work.

CBC is poised for continued growth. With a combined weekend worship attendance of over 1,700 people, it is a shining light among the Evangelical Free churches in the area and reflects the best of what their movement is known for: solid biblical grounding, missional living and a heart for proclaiming the message of the gospel. (


Position Description *

The Erie worship ministry is volunteer-driven with approximately eighty people involved both on stage and in the tech booth. From time to time they will hire in an MD who plays bass when needed, but a team builder who can manage people will be required. Building teams and empowering leaders is a high value for anyone on staff at Calvary. During the interim time, local worship coaches and mentors will be helping in leadership. There is some technical production ministry help from the Boulder campus as well as weekly graphic design duties.

Pastor Thomas desires to see the participation and engagement of people continue to grow. “We want people to meet with the Lord every week,” says Thomas. While not production-driven, creative lighting and scenic elements are used week-to-week.


The next leader must be able to:
• Foster the heart of worship from platform
• Build and manage volunteer teams/organization is a must
• Speak “band”
• Lead-out creatively in planning

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