Worship Arts Pastor
Crossroads Ministries

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Church Description *
Transitioning a church of age is difficult, but that’s exactly what has happened at Crossroads on the south side of Pittsburgh over the past couple of years. “The Lord is blessings us,” says Senior Pastor Ken Barner. “We are up over 20% from this time last year.”

There have been dramatic efforts to turn the church to being more externally-focused in his two years as Senior Pastor. Pastor Ken has been on the staff since 1990, and has the leadership trust to lead well through this next leg of growth. Their mission is to bring people into a growing relationship with Jesus. This is happening every week!
A remodeled kids area and efforts to reach out to families (like an upcoming helicopter egg drop) are re-introducing this church to its surrounding community. It’s a new era of ministry at Crossroads, and the time is right to take steps forward in the area of worship as well. While the church is non-denominational, it is affiliated with the Liberty Church Network and will serve as one of their centers this summer.

The worship ministry has been led by a part-time leader for the past fifteen years. This stable leadership has enabled the style to continually progress, and also allow the church to remain multi-generational. The congregation is engaged from the front row to the balcony in worship. The ministry is comprised of a few dozen people and can swell to as many as 75 during seasonal times of the year.

Position Description *
The ideal candidate for the Worship Arts Pastor at Crossroads will be a builder — one who can assess what is going on and build upon it. There is much that is going on in the worship ministry that should be amplified, like the quality and commitment of the current volunteers & their community with one another. There’s a sense that the ministry’s focus is right and on God. There is also good creativity visually happening. All of these would be areas that the next leader should build upon and enhance to go forward.

As with any growing ministry, there are some areas that the team agrees could use some work and needs to move forward, like band/instrumental leadership. Rhonda admits, “I’m a singer, and as instrumental issues arise, I admit I’m not the best to lead those guys.” There is also a sense that commitment to the music and preparation outside of practice will be important going forward.

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