the crossing

Student Pastor
The Crossing Church

Costa Mesa, California
The student ministry at The Crossing is strategically tailored to connect with a diverse crowd of middle school and high school students. Today, the vision and leadership over the Middle School and High School ministries are aligned to reflect the Vision of The Crossing—to be the kind of church that unchurched people love to attend and bring a friend.

Over 80% of High School students and 40% of Junior High students (on track with the church average) who attend have no church background. They have baptized over 20 students during this school year, who prior to their attendance had no experience with Jesus.

This is a great time to step on the team at The Crossing. Staff, leadership, and attendees are open to change, as long as those changes align with overall Mission and Vision.

 The ideal student pastor will naturally resonate with The Crossing’s extreme missional approach to ministry.

Church Description *
The Crossing is a church for people from all walks of life and backgrounds. At The Crossing, you don’t need to know anything about God, the Bible, church or Christianity. We welcome everyone, including those of us who don’t have it all figured out. We make a positive difference in our communities with the Love of Jesus.

The Crossing Church is a church for all people. The goal at The Crossing is to create environments and experiences where people can encounter God in the midst of their life. When attending The Crossing on a weekend you will be inspired by the music, encouraged by the message, welcomed by the amazing community of people & be reminded that God’s grace is present! The environment is casual and they simply want people to come as they are.

One church, two languages is evident through the weekend services line-up. Services on Saturday at 5:30 pm and Sunday at 9:15 and 11:15 in English and Espanol. Each of the services are coupled with a full slate of experiential worship, video, relevant and challenging teaching.

Position Description *
The Student Pastor is the primary leader and communicator for the Student Ministry team, providing direction for the Student Ministry at large and specifically for developing a team of volunteer leaders to serve all weekend and mid-week services and ministry events for Middle School and High School.

They will lead with the development of new and strategic programming that will impact students, engage with new and younger families, that will aid in the growth of student engagement within The Crossing Church.

The Student Pastor will seek to creatively implement the mission / vision of The Crossing, helping those who are saying ‘No’ to God SAY YES, in a relevant and effective manner within the Student Ministry. The Student Pastor will be a visionary leader, communicator, pastor and an administrator.

As a catalytic strategist with a passion for the next generation, the Student Pastor will lead the Student Ministry into a new era of growth.

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