Technical Director
Salem Lutheran Church

Salem, Texas

Church Description:

Salem is a place where imperfect people risk it all to make Jesus real, one life at a time. Founded in 1851, Salem is a member of the Lutheran Church and the Missouri Synod. The 100+ acre campus has over 200,000 sq. ft. under roof and buildings, which includes the Worship Center, Church Administration, Salem Lutheran School, Community Center, and Family Center. Salem also has the unique distinction of being the first Lutheran Church planted in Texas.

At one point in their history, Salem’s church buildings burned down. Rather than join a more prominent church in the area, Salem’s leadership decided to build a new facility multiple times the size of it’s congregation as a statement to reach their local community in a way that hadn’t been done before.

Despite the traditional architecture of its building, inside you will find some of the most innovative church minds committed to spreading the Gospel. Salem identifies their church DNA as “Ancient Future,” taking the best of their tradition and combining it with out-of-the-box thinking to reach people for Jesus. Examples of Salem’s “Ancient Future” can be found in all aspects of Salem’s church life, mission, and community.

Through local partnerships and the many nonprofits Salem has pioneered, including Vision for Africa, Heart for Honduras, and Mission of Christ Network, Salem continues to lead outside the lines of what a church can do both in its community and abroad.

Salem believes that the truth of Jesus is timeless and that to follow Christ means to join a movement of restoration and hope that is big enough for the whole world. Each environment at Salem provides an opportunity to experience this movement, and each outreach program gives Salem’s members an opportunity to “risk it all” for the Gospel.

Position Description:

The opportunity at Salem Lutheran Church is to join a team that is clear about their mission and vision of their church. Salem is looking for aTechnical Director who is passionate about building community and equipping people to serve their church and school.

The Technical Director will manage and lead the production team at Salem Lutheran Church to ensure a seamless, smooth production week to week.

The Technical Director will need to be fluent in all aspects of live event production as both and operator and educator but will also need to understand how to create an impactful live experience that translates to an online church environment.

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