Student Pastor
Community Church of Hendersonville

Hendersonville, Tennessee
Church Description *
Launched in the early 90’s as Community Church of Christ, this eager group of 200 believers witnessed rapid growth and many new faces as attendance steadily grew.

Their continuing challenge, which eventually led to their most significant change, was their close alignment with the Church of Christ denomination. Becoming a beacon for the hurting and a fresh alternative to those accustomed to a more rigid and fundamental religious experience, Community sought to provide a more diverse and grace-filled church experience.

Forced to assess practice, doctrine, theology and traditions in an honest way, the church leadership formally dissolved Community’s identity as a Church of Christ and established it as an independent interdenominational church known as Community Church of Hendersonville.

Today, Community Church is a vibrant, unique and grace-filled church. Not driven by any denominational group, their story is one filled with bold choices, faith-filled vision and all-in volunteers and leaders. Their vision is to be relevant, connected people, radically changed by the love of Jesus, impacting our neighbors, near & far, with transforming truth and dynamic compassion.

Often characterized as “the church that serves the community so well,” Community Church is located in the heart of Hendersonville and just minutes from downtown Nashville. Community Church is a sprawling 90,000 sq. ft. facility.

With seating for 700, the worship center is home for two Sunday morning services. Their youth area, the Deck, is a recently remodeled venue for student ministry, including relevant social and worship spaces.

Not afraid to try something new, Community Church is continuously launching out new ways to serve their city and bring light to a dark world. Their expansive ministry is a result of people committed to finding their ministry fit and serving with relentless dedication.

Position Description *
Current leadership is committed to the next generation. They have a great team in place and are looking for someone to dive in to serve the families of Community Church and larger community of Hendersonville. This is an opportunity to integrate the student ministry alongside and into the life of Community Church overall. The ideal new hire will be an integral member and leader, with a humble, pastoral spirit, truly caring about people and God’s work in their lives. They are poised and eager for God to provide just the right person and together, believe that the time is now.

Community Church of Hendersonville’s Student Pastor works directly with the Administrative Pastor and Youth Oversight Team to lead middle school and high school students by loving God, loving people and loving life.

Capabilities and Characteristics:

-Passion for God and love for His Word
-High Christology
-Humble attitude and authentic down-to-earth style
-Highly relational (caring, personable and genuine on an individual level)
-The heart of a shepherd/pastor
-Theological alignment with the beliefs and values of CCH
-Committed to the Vision, Mission and Purpose of CCH
-Able to communicate well with parents and students
-Self-motivated and energized by a calling to student ministry
-Balance of hands on person with administrative gifts and visionary leader
-Self-disciplined, organized (works hard and smart) with a desire for excellence
-Teachable spirit and approachable demeanor
-Servant-leader who isn’t driven by the clock, but by the mission
-Encourager and team player
-Effective at leading, planning, and executing student experiences
-Accountable in relationships with staff, leaders and parents.
-Collaborative approach to implementing solutions
-Comfortable leading and learning in a multi-generational staff and context
-High level of emotional intelligence

Primary Responsibilities:

Oversee and lead the student ministry (middle school and high school ministry) discipleship process of helping student to love God, love people and love life.

Pastor the students and their families through effective weekly programming, counseling, relational investments, etc.
Establish a presence in the community as a leader in the next generation.

Minister to parents of students within the student ministry through communication, training and other means.
Recruit, train, and build relationships with current staff and volunteers. Minister to team through prayer, communication and other means.

Ensure that appropriate safety and screening polices are administered in the student ministry.
Oversee the annual budget and financial stewardship of the Student Ministry of CCH.

Details Related to the Role:

Oversee and lead the student ministry discipleship process of helping students to love God, love people, and love life.

Love God
-Create a relevant worship environment for student which aligns with the vision of CCH.
-Currently, students meet together on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings to worship, hear relevant, Bible-centric teaching, meet in small groups and experience community.
-Have worship services planned out and prepared in advance.
-Have weekend messages evaluated by the Youth Oversight Team.

Love People
-Intentionally and purposefully connect students to their church body using their natural talents and gifts and become integrated in programs our body is already doing from worshipping arts, to FRIENDS service ministry, to Missions to Greeting and even engage in women’s and men’s ministry, and children’s ministry as well.
-Apply life application in teaching for everyday evangelism.
-Recruit students to serve at local Kid’s Camp and VBS each summer.
-See student ministry as a platform to reach parents.
-Develop leaders—both low key example and servant types and out front leaders
-Lead a Global Mission trip once a year (summer).

Love Life
-Provide “Anchor Points” for students that become positive reminders as they consider life as part of a body of Christ. These community experiences will continue to draw them into relationship with other believers once they get to college and enter into adult life.
-Take students to Big Stuf Camp in the summer.
-Coordinate and plan fall retreat

Pastor the students and their families through effective weekly programming, counseling, relational investments, etc.
-Encourage and gauge participation in church body life
-Spend time outside the walls of the church with families, students, leaders, etc.
-Be a first-responder to needs of families and students in the community.
-Regular meetings with Youth Oversight Team
Coordinate schedule(s)
-Communicate wins, misses, challenges and opportunities
-Set Goals that align with the overall Church vision
-Plan calendar/events (Weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly)
-Collaborate with the flow of the Master Calendar

Disciple students and adult volunteers.
-Connect regularly with students and new visitors through available means of communication
-Recruit volunteers to serve students as small group leaders
-Train students and leaders to live out God’s mission in their sphere of influence
-Spend time with leaders, building a sense of community among that team
-Encourage spiritual growth by modeling a life of discipleship

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