compass church

Student Ministries Pastor
The Compass Church

Naperville, Illinois
If you’re a leader who’s motivated to re-envision a ministry and build trust with parents and students, this opportunity is for you. The Compass Church is incredibly supportive of their student ministry, including making hard decisions these last few years to see it thrive. At The Compass Church, upper leadership is present and engaged, new ways of doing ministry are welcomed, and expectations are realistic and exciting for youth workers who care about expanding their capacity and making a strategic impact.

Church Description *

The Compass Church is a thriving and ever-expanding, multi-site ministry in the western suburbs of Chicago (only an hour outside one of the greatest cities in the world) with a rich and intriguing history. The church spans 4 campuses and collectively totals over 3,500 people on a weekend, and the church is still growing! Though the 4 campuses all have distinct personalities and demographics, they all embody the vision, mission, and culture of one church.

The mission of The Compass Church is clear and direct: “To love Him more, so more love Him.” They are equally committed to reaching people far from Jesus and the church, as they are to growing up those who are already a part of it. As a church, they are known for their community involvement and impact. Naperville is nationally praised for being a great place to raise a family, which makes doing student ministries exciting and full of opportunities. It’s also a highly-driven culture, so spiritually-sensitive and strategic leadership is necessary.


Position Description *

The Student Ministries Pastor must be relationally magnetic and passionate, with the ability to build trust with parents, volunteers, and students. He must be able to envision a new way forward and call out the students who’ve been sitting on the sidelines, engage current students, and draw new students into the church. The Student Ministries Pastor will oversee a small staff and become a champion for the other student ministries pastors at the other locations (though not oversee them).

The Compass Church desires a Student Ministries Pastor who will focus on “people” over “program,” prioritizing two main things in student ministries: disciple-making, and breaking growth barriers to reaching those who aren’t yet following Jesus. The goal is to grow the student ministry to 200 students between 6th-12th grades. Students and volunteers are present to help expand this ministry to capacity, and hiring a team is in the immediate future.

Candidates must have demonstrable track record of ministry in a larger church context and a history of stability in former roles. Vision is required, as well as a knack for team building, and high emotional intelligence. (And, since this IS Chicago, it’s also a plus if you have lived in snow at least some time in your life!)


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