southeast christian church

Southwest Technical Director
Southeast Christian Church

Louisville, Kentucky

As Southwest Technical Director you’ll have the chance to lead a tech team to further the Gospel in one of the largest churches in the country, Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. This is a people-over-production environment that is looking for the right leader to move this ministry forward.

Church Description
For over fifty-five years, Southeast Christian Church (SECC) has been connecting people to Jesus and to one another. The church reaches approximately 24,000 people each weekend spread, over six locations. It is listed as one of the top ten largest churches in the country. It has a rich heritage of advancing the Gospel in Louisville and beyond.

It is a rare church in that it has been able to continue to reinvent, change with the times, and advance the Gospel. For all its size and press within the Christian community, Southeast Christian truly has just tried to connect people to Jesus and to one another.

A church of this size does operate on a different scale. For example, during a recent weekend service, Senior Pastor Dave Stone laid out a need for engagement with a ministry in Africa. He put the call out for seven thousand volunteers (that’s a seven with three zeros) to join him on a coming weekend to pack one million meals for the poor in Africa. Churches who can mobilize so many to do so much are in a rare class.

Position Description
“We are looking for more than just a tech guy,” says Brian Clark. Clark is the Lead Tech Director over all campuses of Southeast. “We have to have someone who thinks about people over production. Who leads through humility, passion, relationships, and community.” The church has been looking for a year for the right blend of technical expertise with pastoral leadership gifts. “I’m looking for someone I can entrust this ministry to,” says Clark, “and I’m not talking just about expensive equipment. Who can be entrusted with the people?”

The Southwest Technical Director will inherit a ministry with great tools. The church has spared no expense in audio, video, lighting and scenic design. There’s a high bar of excellence and expectation in the ministry.

The technology team at the SW campus consists of about 3 dozen members who are on a monthly rotation for Sunday services spread around the various locations. Typically, the FOH position is filled by either an SECC staffer or a contractor. Throughout the week, the team is also used to support various ministries like the Women’s Ministry as well as a Christian School which is attached to this campus of Southeast.

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