Senior Pastor
Sierra Madre Congregational Church

Sierra Madre, California
Church Description *
Sierra Madre Congregational Church is …

Multi-generational … seeking to attract people of all ages and ethnicities, with a wealth of seasoned and passionate believers.

Traditional … with a story and track record of influence in the Sierra Madre community that continues to be written.

Friendly … from the first moment you step on campus there are people to greet you and place a name tag on you so that everyone can be known and welcomed as part of the family.

Seasoned … there is a deep understanding of Scripture and a rich heritage of living out the scriptures in the community.

Authentic … with a high value on both expository preaching and application, the Sunday messages must not only apply to Sunday but also to the “Monday” world in which we live.

Grace-filled … where brokenness and humility are tangible, acceptable, and honored qualities.

Sacrificial … pouring out time and wealth for the good of the San Gabriel Valley and the world beyond with an emphasis on support missions. SMCC has a long history of missions since the early 1970’s.  We currently support 16 ministries in the United States and around the world.

Centrally located between Pasadena and Arcadia, the city of Sierra Madre is made up of three square miles of serene neighborhoods and green space. At its heart is the city’s charming downtown shopping district, a popular landmark for visitors and the approximately 11,000 residents that call Sierra Madre home.

Position Description *
The opportunity at SMCC is truly unique and full of Kingdom potential.

The City of Sierra Madre is a beautiful place to live, raise a family and make lifelong friends.

The People of SMCC want to gather and grow in God’s Word with nearly 30% of the congregation involved in Life Groups.

The Elders of SMCC are committed to creating a leadership culture that allows the church to grow forward spiritually and numerically.

Profile of Our “Ideal Candidate” for Senior Pastor

Personal Life: We are seeking a person…

• Whose life is marked by a high level of ethical, moral and spiritual integrity and whose life gives evidence of a heart for God and a dynamic, personal relationship with Jesus.
• Whose character and life is consistent with that of a leader as described in the first chapters of 1 Timothy and Titus.
• Who practices a healthy rhythm of spiritual disciplines (e.g. silence, solitude, prayer, devotional Bible reading and reflection) and a responsible work ethic.
• Who lives and models a balanced life of ministry, family life and self-care.
• Who has a wife who fully supports him and his ministry involvement.

Beliefs: We are seeking a person…

¥ Who is in unreserved agreement with our Statement of Faith.
¥ Who is aligned with our church’s primary doctrines (including related statements on baptism and church membership, women in ministry, and marriage and sexuality) as well as our Mission, Vision and Values statements.

Relational Abilities: We are seeking a person…

¥ Who demonstrates a passion for local and global outreach and evangelism, one who relates well to unchurched people.
¥ Who demonstrates a high emotional maturity and is considered personable, relational and approachable within the church and in the community.

Ministry Skills: We are seeking a person…

¥ Who has demonstrated the ability to translate our Mission, Vision and Values into the strategies needed to implement and achieve them
¥ Who exhibits the ability to preach and teach Biblical truth in a clear, practical and inspiring manner. We have a clear preference for expository preaching which will impact the mind, heart, and will in order to lead people in obedience to Jesus.
¥ Who can be the primary, but not the only, preacher, working over time to develop a teaching team to supplement his ministry.
¥ Who is a visionary leader, gifted in influencing others to follow and fulfill the church’s vision.
¥ Who demonstrates servant leadership by developing and empowering others to servant leadership according to their God-given gifts, skills and passions.
¥ Who has demonstrated the ability to lead a church staff in a healthy and productive manner.
¥ Who demonstrates a strong commitment as a team player who leads primarily with collaborative skills among staff and lay leadership.
¥ Who exhibits experienced and capable leadership dealing with the realities of congregational life (e.g. change dynamics, conflict, organizational management)
¥ Who understands and embraces policy governance as a means for healthy congregational life

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