Next Steps Pastor

Las Vegas, Nevada

There’s nothing like Verve.

Lots of leaders will say that their church is unique, but Verve truly is. This makes sense though, because there’s no other place like Las Vegas, Nevada.

If there was ever a place, or a city, where the right fit mattered it is here. This is an exciting place looking for a courageous person to be the Next Steps Pastor.

Church Description
Verve began in the living room of Vince Antonucci in 2009 with a vision to reach people that other great churches either couldn’t, or wouldn’t, reach. The very first person to come to Jesus because of the work of Verve was a pimp. The unrelenting pursuit of those who are farthest from the Gospel has continued ever since and they have reached atheists, Buddhists, prostitutes, gang members, porn stars, and some drug addicts along the way. Over three hundred have given their life to Christ and been baptized since those early days.

Verve is located just off the famous strip of Las Vegas. It’s a church for people who don’t like church. Their mantra is to Love God, Love People, and Turn the World Upside Down. Seventy percent of the people who come to Verve are unchurched, non-Christians when they first show up.

Weekend services at Verve are driven by a rock band, an engaging host, some humor that the crowd identifies with (and probably wouldn’t fly at the First Baptist Church of Anytown, USA), and a radical message that is Biblically based.

Position Description 
The Next Steps Pastor will focus on figuring out how to connect new people in to the life of Verve, and help them grow in their faith. First time guests, new Believers, those seeking community, and those desiring discipleship all need a path for their next step.

A Great Candidate Will
– Be a connector and not let new people fall through the cracks.
– Be a people lover (the Meyers-Briggs probably starts with an E).
– Walk into the role asking co-workers, leadership, and the Verve community questions like How can I serve you? How can I help you do your thing? Who are you?
– Work hard at team communication and not be afraid of healthy communication
– Be a context learner. It will take a while to understand Vegas and the real people who live there.
– Be OK submerged in a culture like Vegas, locking arms with some of the best/craziest people you’ll ever meet!

Is this you?
Dive in to the church as well as Verve’s website. Find out all you can about living in Vegas and see if this challenge might be one worth taking.

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