Next Gen Pastor
Grace Place

Berthoud, Colorado

Grace Place is a church that definitely lives up to its name. Grace Place is looking for a Next Gen Pastor that will place a strong emphasis on developing a vision and team that will help them take their ministry to children and students into the next level. Grace Place is located near the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains just outside of Denver.

Church Description 
Grace Place is a regional congregation with people coming to gather from cities surrounding beautiful Berthoud, CO. What started as a dream of lead pastor Clay Peck to plant a Gospel-centered, creative and contemporary congregation which would reach out to the burned, bored, and bypassed, became a reality in 1996 with its first public worship service in a local high school.

Grace Place quickly grew in numbers and the consequent need for a home base to house their seven-days-a-week ministry, building bridges to the community through creative endeavors such as The Trailhead Cafe and many other missions-minded programs. Grace Place is clearly defined by the importance of keeping the gospel of grace “the main thing” and living out that grace in the community and neighborhoods surrounding the church.

Position Description
A great fit for the Next Gen Pastor position will first and foremost be a person who thrives on building relationships and doesn’t get too hung up on the minute details of staunch religion. A strong leader with a proven track record of building and investing in the next generation will be very important.

While a degree or formal training is not a requirement, it is important that this individual really “knows their stuff” when it comes to leading in a ministry setting. This role is very involved in the operations of the student ministry, therefore the best fit for this position is someone with plenty of experience working with both children and students.

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