the bridge church

Next Gen Pastor
The Bridge Church

Bradenton, Florida
The role of Next Gen Pastor at The Bridge Church is an opportunity to build, lead, and grow the team that leads the ages of 0 to 30 in a great area on the coast of the Gulf, in Florida. The church is growing and looking for someone that can infuse vision and be a key leader in the church.

This is an awesome time to join The Bridge Church! As a pastor as there are some incredible things that are coming up in the near future. With some of the direction of the trustees, the church is looking at adding a few different key staff roles for the first time – starting with the Next Gen Pastor – as they see this as one of the most key roles in the church.

Church Description *
The Bridge Church has been around for many decades, but changed their name to The Bridge Church in 2007. They made the change in name so they could reach more of their community and it would be an inviting place to attend. They have continued to see growth over the years and have built a culture where the lost can feel at home. They continually are making improvements, changes, and additions on their current site from changing out carpet/seats in the large auditorium to creating additional parking to planning a children’s ministry building, student ministry building and expanded auditorium in the future.

The Bridge Church is co-led by Lead Pastor Mark Alt and Executive Pastor Dave Furst. Mark has been at the The Bridge in some capacity for over 25 years. He has been the Lead Pastor for over 16 years and has an incredible heart to connect with people and people of the community. Dave recently joined the Bridge team but has been in full-time Pastoral Ministry in some capacity for over 18 years. Dave is passionate about the staff and leading them to fulfill the great commission in their roles. Dave loves seeing lives changed by the power of the Gospel and loves seeing people empowered to do ministry. The trustees of the church also have a large part in leading the church as they continue to move into the next season of the church.

Position Description *
This is an awesome time to join The Bridge Church team. The church is continuing to add a few key staff, and the Next Gen Pastor role is one of the most critical. The Bridge Church exists to love people right where they are and lead them into a growing relationship with Christ. They do that by helping them to know God (weekend services), find freedom (small groups), discover purpose (Growth Track), and make a difference (serving). As part of the Association of Related Churches (ARC), being a life-giving church that is Kingdom-minded is at the core of who they are.

There is a large focus on small groups and being a part of community. This is such a large focus where they have a goal of 110% in small groups. At the Bridge, they are committed to helping people grow in their Christian walk, and they are a church of small groups leading that mission. They are also excited about the next season in the future where they are investing in the Next Gen ministry. They know this is the area of focus to continue to invest and grow for the church to reach new families and communities.  You can read more about their beliefs and essentials here –

When you look at the Next Gen Ministry for The Bridge Church it really is a challenge and an opportunity wrapped into one. Knowing that they have not had a Next Gen Pastor previously, there is a challenge of creating something without history, which is also an opportunity in that there are not many (if any) sacred cows of the ministry.

Executive Leadership Team
The Next Gen Pastor will be a part of the newly formed executive team. This team will be tasked with the vision development and vision casting of the ministry. The Bridge is a Pastor-led ministry and this person will have a seat at the table and will be able to speak into the vision and direction of the ministry. This position will also be a part of the teaching team on Sundays as well as other occasional teaching opportunities.

Leading ministry for birth-thirtysomethings
The Bridge has continued to see growth over the years, and one of the areas they know they need to focus on is synergy and strategy for the Next Gen Ministry, starting with birth and going all the way through college/young adult.

Build a Team
The Next Gen Pastor will also have the opportunity to build a team around them and hire staffing for the Next Gen ministry, including the next Student Pastor. Those already in place are looking forward to the expansion and development of the team. Proven experience in recruiting and developing healthy ministry teams is crucial.

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