Middle School Pastor
Pantano Christian Church

Tucson, Arizona

Church Description 
The mission of Pantano Christian Church is “Loving people to Jesus, launching passionate people to make our world different.” This mission permeates every fiber of the community at Pantano. From people to programming to process, and the over 2400 people who call Pantano home.

What is even more compelling is how they live out their mission. It is evident not only in WHAT they do but HOW they function as a community, from the senior leadership to their faithful volunteers. People are “all in,” reflecting a healthy pride in their church as demonstrated by a high commitment level in the areas they serve. Their church-wide focus on local and global community development ministries is a pivotal and central part of their ethos. The atmosphere is joy-filled, demonstrated by enthusiasm and expectancy. As in any growing church, expectations for those who serve are high, especially in the areas of the weekend programming, missions, and family ministries.

Position Description 
The Middle School Pastor at Pantano will create an environment for Middle School students to be known and find out who God made them to be. Pantano Middle School Ministry has worship services specifically designed for Middle School (6-8) students on Sundays, and small groups on Wednesday nights.

During weekend services Middle School Ministry has a live band made up of mostly students, engaging teaching that brings the Bible to life, and a focus on fun. On Wednesday nights, small groups meet together then combine for games and large group discussion.

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