Married Life Pastor
Bayside Church

Roseville, California
Church Description *
Bayside Church has a 21-year legacy of faithful ministry and has become one of the largest, most vibrant and equipping churches in the nation. With over 14,000 people gathering every weekend over five campuses (and growing) the momentum, energy and expectation for God to move is palpable.

Bayside has a unique leadership model of four Senior Pastors—Ray Johnston, Curt Harlow, Andrew McCourt (all Teaching Pastors) and leading Christian recording artist, Lincoln Brewster (Worship and Teaching Pastor). All have different perspectives, approaches and gifting, yet are deeply invested and equally influential to maximize the church for today and its future. They operate under the value that Kingdom impact must trump ego and process.

Every campus has both biblically based, live, team-developed teaching and authentic, passionate and exciting musical worship, consistently captivating and thought provoking for the un-churched, de-churched and maturing believer. Energy, excellence and intentionality permeate all ministries; from large church events, to niche ministry and training offerings, to phenomenal student and children’s programming. Extremely sharp clarity of purpose and vision at Bayside creates an amazing alignment of each campus, and provides focus and mobilization within the staff and church body.

The culture of Bayside is highly energetic, fast-paced, risk-taking, extremely collaborative, familial, youth oriented and nimble where change is the rule, not the exception. Adaptability is of high value for leadership and staff. It is not a simple church model and largely holds an egalitarian view of women in leadership. Achievers, activators and maximizers thrive at Bayside if they are also humble and highly collaborative.

Bayside is healthy, thriving and positioned for an exciting future of continued growth, expansion of influence, and innovative ministry within its walls, within the community, and to the nation and world through outreach and nationally reaching Thrive Conferences.

Position Description *
Bayside offers the significant opportunity to find a seat at the table with other world-class leaders, in a place where God is actively moving and impacting the national and global church for His glory. Stepping into a leadership position within this thriving and intentional ministry will allow you to be on the inside track of something big—paving uncharted territory in ministry and realizing huge vision for Kingdom influence.

Bayside’s culture provides the environment for bold and catalytic leadership to develop and flourish. This is the major league; you will be challenged, stretched to your God-given capacity, your passion sharpened and your potential maximized through hands-on partnership with innovative leaders who are instructing and equipping the church nationwide. And through it all, you will work side by side with other exceptional and fun people you WANT to share life and ministry with.

Consideration of candidates for this role will REQUIRE the following gifts and preparation:

• Character, competence and chemistry
• The natural ability in your personality and gifting to embrace and thrive in Bayside’s unique culture (i.e. fast paced, loose structure, high achievement, adaptable, maximizing, collaborative and team oriented)
• Proven leadership experience in a church of 3,000 or larger, or high level leadership in a national ministry organization
• Leadership candidates are hired because of their proven ability to lead at a high level—so the expectation is that they will be entrepreneurial, self-governed and motivated, yet open to input. (The Bayside team is filled with activators and achievers. Those that thrive here enthusiastically own their responsibilities, but don’t have their ego or identity in their work—don’t hold their “territory” too tightly, don’t have to have credit, and have enough EQ to know when to defer.)
• Magnetic, energetic personality, that brings life to a room and will help your ministry explode
• Heart for discipleship

The successful Married Life Pastor candidate will be able to cast vision and implement a ministry of discipleship for families. They will be great at building teams, leading paid and volunteer leaders, encouraging, equipping and releasing them to be a catalyst for change in the lives of couples, families and individuals.
A key goal will be to connect and grow 1,000 – 5,000 married people with a special focus on five different stages of married life and families (Young Professionals, Young Married, Young Family, Parents of Teens, Empty Nesters and Senior Adults) through a combination of small groups, midsize groups and classes.

• Training and raising up lay leadership to host and facilitate family groups
o Identifying, recruiting, and training future group leaders
o Regularly meeting with group leaders from training, vision and support
o Providing resources for leaders (seminars, curriculum, on-line material)
o Measuring effectiveness of each married life small group
• Developing conferences, classes and seminars with a focus on Spiritual Formation for families particularly focusing on teaching parents how to disciple their children
• Developing classes and seminars to facilitate the strengthening of marriages
• To be involved in “hands-on” ministry of pastoral care, discipleship and outreach with our families
• To foster a mindset of unleashing compassion in our couples and families such that outreach and compassionate ministry become part of their family lives
• To continue with a marriage mentoring programs already in place at Bayside
• To work in connection with the Counseling ministries of Bayside Church

If you sense a potential fit, this could be an outstanding opportunity for God to use your passion, gifts and experience to make a significant investment in His Kingdom. Please contact us for further information.

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