Lead Pastor
Green Valley Community Church

Placerville, California
Church Description *
In 1994, Green Valley’s young Senior Pastor, Ken Burkey gathered the small staff of Green Valley, and they prayed God would enable them to use every inch of the empty facility to serve people. Ken also shared a fresh vision and strategy for reaching the community through ministry based on the unique gifts represented in the congregation- not one pastor. A passion to unleashing the church paired with a fierce, grace-driven compassion for the lost, has led two decades of growth and compassionate Kingdom innovation.

Each week 1,700 worshippers gather at one of GVCC’s four weekend worship services. Several hundred also attend the mid-week worship experience held on Wednesday evening.”The mission of GVCC is to love God, love people; serve the community and the world.” To that end, Green Valley has become a church that has dramatically impacted the local community. Though every season, GVCC has relentlessly pursued becoming an “Isaiah 58 Church,”— that is, living out in practical ways the instruction of Isaiah 58. At its core, Green Valley is intentional about living out the imperative of a God who is, “…repairer of broken walls and restorer of streets with dwellings.”

Locally, Green Valley is deeply involved with the homeless, the hungry, the broken, those in recovery, people experiencing loss, single moms, at risk children, local and global trafficking issues. Globally, GVCC sponsors children through Compassion International, Child Survival Programs in Haiti, and orphan ministries– to name a few.

The church has a talented staff and functions as a team. The staff team is committed to Green Valley’s vision, to one another, and to a collaborative style of leadership. They are hardworking, relational, passionate about people, and maintain a desire to engage the church to live focused Christ-centered lives.

Position Description *
The essential duties and responsibilities of the lead pastor will be carried out in the context of the staff team and ministry leaders. The lead pastor will give leadership and oversight and delegate responsibility as appropriate. The lead pastor will work in conjunction with the elders, ministry staff, and ministry leaders in the implementation of the mission and vision of the church. The essential duties and responsibilities include:

1. Speaking/ Preaching
The lead pastor will be the primary preacher for the church and will teach God’s Word faithfully, according to sound doctrine. The lead pastor should be committed to an exposition of Holy Scripture that is relevant, authentic and personally applicable. The lead pastor will:
• Lead the teaching team in planning, preparation, and evaluation of preaching.
• Lead the teaching and programming teams to plan out series topics, strategic events and speaking schedules for upcoming services.
• Be a clear and articulate speaker who can be readily understood by a multi-generational congregation.
• Coordinate with other speaking pastors at the church to ensure a healthy rotation is developed and maintained for weekly services, as well as speaking at other key ministries (i.e., Celebrate Recovery, Funerals, etc.) for the long term benefit of staff and GVCC.

2. Leadership
The lead pastor will be responsible for owning and implementing the GVCC vision. He will develop and work with staff to accomplish this vision. The Lead Pastor will support and hold accountable all ministry staff regarding the implementation of the vision.
• Support and evaluate existing outreach ministries and encourage/ influence creativity in the development of new outreach ministries
• Work with the Leadership Team and Elders to coordinate and execute an annual church strategy, annual goals, and review ministry objectives. Work closely with The Leadership Team to assist and equip church staff in achieving and exceeding ministry goals.
• Lead Pastor will develop key relationships and networking with external organizations. Initiate partnerships with other churches and organizations to enhance and expand the church’s influence in both local and global communities.
• Lead Pastor will be a voting member of the Board of Elders and will become familiar and embrace a Policy Governance Board model.
• Lead will Pastor will be responsible for keeping the Board informed of the overall health of GVCC and communicate the appropriate information to staff discussed in the monthly board meetings.

3. Pastoral Care
The lead pastor will be involved in pastoral care of individuals, couples, families, and groups as opportunities arise.
• Lead Pastor is part of a pastoral team that will provide shepherding and support to our staff, volunteers, and the congregation.
• Lead Pastor is committed to support and leverage the Pastoral Care ministries to diversify and share the workload of caring for the church body.• Work with Board of Elders in their shepherding efforts.
• Lead Pastor will be accessible and available to staff including staff meetings, training, events and strategic/periodic one on ones with individuals.
• Maintain relational, spiritual and professional trust with other elders and church staff4. Also, the Lead Pastor will:
• Have a vital walk with Jesus Christ evidenced by faithfulness, passion, and an appreciation for God’s grace.
• Be qualified as described in 1st Timothy 3:2-7 and Titus 1:6-9.
• Be in agreement with the Green Valley dream and our “Statement of Faith” and adhere and be faithful to both.
• Must possess a gift and a passion for preaching the Word of God in a way that is relevant and applicable in today’s culture.
• A dynamic as well as an authentic communicator who connects well with people.
• Display an understanding and proven track record of aligning church strategy and vision with both local and global communities.
• “Laser-focused” visionary leader who will nurture, protect, and enhance the vision of GVCC.
• Passion for evangelism and discipleship and committed to equipping others to do the same.
• Willing to lead in a team environment. Be open and humble to accept input from other team members.
• Have a minimum of five years of pastoral and teaching experience in a multi-staff church setting. Including overseeing and maintaining budgets throughout the year.
• Demonstrate the ability to take high-level goals and translate them into a working plan. Effectively develop and organize the staff to implement these plans. Demonstrate the ability to grow staff members and further develop team strength.

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