first street

Lead Pastor
First Street Church

Dumas, Texas

Church Description
First Street Church is harvesting the fields that God has blessed them with in Dumas, Texas. It is said from their members that FSC is the best place to pursue your ministry and receive help along the way. First Street Church is a healthy church committed to worshiping God in Spirit and Truth, equipping to serve God, witnessing for God to non-Christians, caring without partiality for other believers at First Street, and of course, glorifying God. FSC is a community of people loving each other and our Lord, Jesus Christ. Their motto is “One God, One Body, One Mission.” Though not ashamed of their Church of Christ roots, they have over the last 10 years moved to a more contemporary worship style and an emphasis on grace and service in their teaching. They are very diverse in race, education level, and economic status. They are known area-wide as a church that welcomes.

First Street Church is located in Dumas, Texas which is 50 miles north of Amarillo, Texas. They are a family that values the Word of God taught through all stages of life. Each Sunday a multi-generational expression of people come together to worship.

Position Description 
The opportunity at First Street Church is truly unique and full of Kingdom potential. The City of Dumas is a great place to live, raise a family and make lifelong friends. The Elders and Deacons of FSC are committed to creating a leadership culture that allows the church to grow forward spiritually, numerically, creatively and missionally. The facilities are appealing and easily adapted for multiple uses making all kinds of ministries possible. First Street Church is a Bible-centered church. The new lead pastor will build on a solid foundation of ministry over the decades and the opportunity at FSC is truly unique.

You will experience an elder and deacon team that adds great stability, vision and support to the Lead Pastor. The Lead Pastor is in charge of vision, teaching and leadership development. This person will lead the people of First Street Church in their mission of seeing hundreds and hundreds of people gather and be transformed into disciples of Jesus Christ. The Lead Pastor must be authentic, approachable, accountable and committed. The Lead Pastor must also be a teacher, student of the Word, a Vision-Caster, generous with his time and a shepherd to the people of First Street Church.

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