Executive Director

Dallas, Texas

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IF:GATHERING is a faith-based nonprofit organization based in Dallas, TX that exists to gather, equip and unleash women to live out their calling.

In 2007, Jennie Allen sensed God telling her to disciple a generation. It seemed at the time to be an impossible and improbable calling, but Jennie knew that if this call was truly from God, He would make it a reality. So for years she waited, took small steps of obedience, and watched God begin to open doors and give favor—a book deal, friendships with like-minded authors and influencers, and the support of church leaders.

In the fall of 2013, 60 influencers from diverse backgrounds were invited to Austin, TX to hear and speak into this vision that was beginning to take shape. During that weekend, God tore down walls of division and built bridges that united women across denominations and various contexts.

Immediately after that retreat, with fear and trembling – but with faith – IF:Gathering publicly launched with a website and a scheduled first event for February 7–8, 2014. In order to be accessible for all women, the gathering had no set ticket price and would be live-streamed as a way to accommodate those who could not get a ticket. Registration opened and 47 minutes later, the event was sold out.

In their wildest dreams, they couldn’t have imagined what would happen next. Women around the world stood up as IF:Local Leaders – taking the initiative in their own communities – and hosted the streaming of IF:Gathering in their homes, churches and theaters. It wasn’t just one age group, one race or one denomination represented. Women tasted what it was like to be a part of a global move of God where each person had a place and where lives were changed. IF: Gathering had become a reality.

This past year, more than ONE MILLION women in 122 countries participated in IF:Gathering. That being said, they do not exist simply to throw successful events to reach the masses, but rather to build into women as disciples who love and serve their local churches. There are hundreds of IF:Table meetings in homes and churches around the world hosted each and every month.

Today, they are a a staff of 4 full-time, 3 part-time, two Fellows (2nd year full-time interns) and 4 full-time first year interns with an annual budget of $2 million. As the organization and its influence has grown (in just 3½ years!), it has become more and more apparent that, in order to free up Jennie to be the visionary and communicator God has called her to be, there must be a strong presence in the office day-to-day to lead the staff team.

Under the overall direction of the Founder, the Executive Director will provide both strategic and day-to-day operational leadership to the organization. This is a brand new position … a “behind the scenes” role, as the founder and the speakers who partner with the organization carry the upfront ministry. It is both an operational and discipleship role … a balance of strategy and implementation. The future Executive Director may currently be an Executive Pastor at a large church or a senior executive in a nonprofit or for-profit corporation with a ministry mindset and track record; someone who can both impact a young team and be a “leader of leaders.” Someone who is trusted, smart, emotionally healthy, steady and pastoral in their approach. A wise, organizational leader who has many years of experience working for and with a visionary leader. A talent scout who can help others reach their potential. Someone who can maintain and grow a healthy and diverse culture while at the same time having the necessary eye for detail in order to meet deadlines and key revenue and expense targets. Words like sage, strategic, seasoned, systems-savvy, and shepherd apply here, as does the need to be an excellent interpersonal (not necessarily public) communicator.

IF:Gathering currently has a small, young but very competent, passionate and close-knit (all-female) staff who are committed to remaining humble and dependent on God, realizing that their public ministry is an outflow of how they live out their own lives at work and at home. Work hard, play hard, rest hard is a consistent cultural value, as is open, honest and direct communication between team members. They remain steadfast and committed to building and releasing female leaders into the local church who are called, equipped and unleashed.

We are no longer accepting applications for this role.

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