High School Pastor
Hillside Fellowship

Spring Branch, Texas
Church Description *
Hillside Fellowship is a vibrant, unique and grace-filled church associated with Evangelical Free Church of America. Never desiring to manufacture growth, Hillside has taken a simple approach to ministry—to humbly, faithfully and diligently follow God’s will at every turn and new chapter.

On average the church has grown by more than 20% each year for the past six years, doubling in size. Quick to give God the glory for their tremendous growth over this time, Hillside’s leadership remains anchored to their unique identity and calling while stewarding their resources to reach an increasing number of people who call Hillside home.

Historically, Hillside trended towards an older, smaller church because of their rural location, but their sizable growth has completely changed their culture and ethos. They are now a fellowship with a healthy mix of baby boomers, young families, and young professionals. Hillside currently reaches more than 1,400 through their weekend services. Nearly 35% of those now attending have become Christians in the past five years.

Their current facility is a destination campus, situated on 15 acres just off a main corridor that connects commuters to the sprawling urban population center of San Antonio. Located in Comal County in the community of Spring Branch, just 30 minutes from downtown San Antonio, Hillside reflects the growing population of region. As their demographic continues to evolve with the community around them and with the unrelenting growth in suburban San Antonio, Hillside is strategically positioned to continue reaching their community.

Hillside Fellowship ultimately exists to glorify God by encouraging all to enter into a personal, maturing relationship with Jesus Christ and to equip each to serve and reach others for Him.

Position Description *
Hillside Fellowship’s High School Pastor works directly with the Executive Pastor and Next Generation Ministry Team to point students and their families toward a relationship with Jesus Christ and encourage them to abide in Him, love one another and witness to the world.

Capabilities and Characteristics:

-Highly relational (caring, personable and genuine on an individual level)
-Entrepreneurial and innovative approach to leadership
-Servant-leader who goes first and leads by example in all areas of life and ministry
-Theological alignment with the beliefs and values of Hillside Fellowship
-Committed to the Vision, Mission and Purpose of Hillside Fellowship
-Communicate effectively with parents and students (written and verbal)
-Self-motivated and energized by a calling to student ministry
-Relationally endearing to staff, parents, students and church body
-Self-disciplined, organized
-Strong work ethic
-Insightful and solution-oriented leader
-Sees their leadership as stewardship of God’s mission
-Encourager and team player
-Effective at leading, planning, and executing student worship services
-Accountable in relationships with elders, staff, leaders and parents
-Collaborative approach to implementing solutions
-Comfortable leading and learning in a multi-generational staff and context

Reports To:
Executive Pastor

Accountable to:
Lead Pastor

Relates closely with:
-Middle School Pastor
-Children’s Ministry Directors (birth-5th grade)
-Young Adults/College Pastor
-Small Group Leaders/Volunteers

Primary Responsibilities:

-Oversee and lead the high school ministry discipleship process of helping students to abide in God, love one another and witness to the world.
-Give oversight to the Next Generation Ministry Team (birth-college age).
-Pastor the students and their families through effective weekly programming, counseling, relational investments, etc.
-Minister to parents of students within the student ministry through communication, training and other means.
-Recruit, train, and build relationships with current staff and volunteers.
-Minister to their team through prayer, communication, and other means.
-Ensure that appropriate safety and screening policies are administered in the student ministry.
-Oversee the annual budget and financial stewardship of the Next Generation Ministry of Hillside Fellowship.

Details Related to the Role:

-Create and facilitate relevant worship environments for students to engage in personal, spiritual growth.
-Intentionally and purposefully create environments for students to connect in relationship with one another.
-Utilize student ministry as a platform to reach and connect with parents.
-Develop leaders—both volunteer and staff who work with the next generation at Hillside.
-Embody a ministry of presence and regularly be seen outside the walls of the church at events where students and their families are gathered (sports, concerts, etc.)
-Preach and teach in a way that continues to invite new students into a relationship with Jesus, while challenging those in relationship with Jesus to live out God’s mission.
-Provide oversight to the Next Generation Ministry Team by encouraging and supporting existing Next Gen staff (birth-college)
-Maintain a 30,000 ft. view of ministry strategy to children and youth, assisting in goal setting that aligns with the overall church vision and Next Gen strategy.
-Plan calendar/events (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly).

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