Executive Pastor
Thrive Church

Flushear, Texas
Church Description *
In 2009, a group of 30 people gathered to kick off what today, has become a place where hundreds of people are experiencing life change, finding friends, and taking steps forward in their faith. From day one, Thrive has been comitted to create a church that, “makes it easy for people to “find and follow Jesus Christ”.  Innovative and resourceful, Thrive is driven by a desire to see to people engage in the discovery and journey of following Jesus. Thrive launched its Fulshear Campus in 2013, and has grown to three Sunday services each week.

TCC gathers in large group celebrations for worship and groups for discipleship, connection, prayer, and ministry. Whatever the setting, Thrive’s core beliefs center on God’s word and a determination to create safe environments for people to discover and dare to live out the dangerous message of Jesus.

Each week, roughly 600 worshippers participate in the life of Thrive. As TCC to continues to grow in its operations, attendance and ministry scope, the need for a high-capacity strategic leader who can bring focus and sustained clarity is essential. The Executive Pastor role has been designed to give overall responsibility for advancing the vision and mission of TCC through the oversight of all church ministries and support functions. The role complements the evangelistic, pastor-teacher spiritual gifts of the Senior Pastor and partners with him and the staff to achieve the key objectives of the church.

As TCC continues to grow, they remain focused on God’s call to be missional and innovative in the Fulshear area. Moving toward the future, Thrive requires a strategically focused leader who can leverage potential and is energized by the vision of reaching the 20,000 people living within a 10-mile radius of their present location.

Position Description *
Thrive is looking for an Executive Pastor who will work alongside the Senior Pastor and staff in:
• Equipping leaders to accomplish Thrive’s mission and vision
• Developing and modeling Thrive’s Core Values
• Aligning all ministries with Thrive’s vision
• Developing the leadership team and its membersThe Executive Pastor’s primary areas of responsibility include:
1. Operations & Finance
• Responsible for buildings, grounds, and campus
• Develop and oversee processes to ensure security, operations, maintenance, and cleaning is in order
• Develop a spending budget directly tied to the vision of the church for your area of ministry
• Routinely report status and track overall health of all church budgets
• Manage finances and expenses accordingly

2. Leadership & Team Building
• Establish Leadership Development strategy that identifies, equips, and enables people to lead Sunday morning teams in a way that aligns with the vision of Thrive.
• Schedule, plan, and hold regular team meetings to evaluate your team’s ministry needs and
• facilitate solutions
• Hold regular team events for community and encouragement
• Lead and evaluate all ministry efforts of each team
• Instill the vision and values of Thrive Church across all teams
• Regularly and passionately communicate the purpose of each team
• Conduct regular one-on-one encouragement and community sessions with team members
• Provide direction in developing critical success factors with clear measurements of success

3. Spiritual Formation
• Develop a working definition/criterion of success for all Spiritual Formations’ teams
o Baptism
o Growth Groups
o Growth Track
o Assimilation
o Membership
o Stewardship
• Develop a streamlined, coordinated Spiritual Formations strategic plan based on the church’s vision, values, and purposes
• Develop annual ministry specific objectives, resource needs, and calendars
• Guide the Spiritual Formations’ teams in setting and tracking specific, measurable goals to ensure that the vision and purposes are achieved
• Foster an environment that consistently produces ministry teams that accomplish the mission of the church
• Schedule and lead the Spiritual Formation Team meetings, to equip, guide and encourage leaders

4. Missions
• Develop and execute strategy around missions ministry in the following areas:
o Local community
o Global projects
o Marriage enrichment

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