Discipleship Pastor
Highlands Community Church

Renton, Washington
Church Description *
Highlands Community Church is a healthy church with a clearly defined mission: to bring HOPE and HEALING of the Gospel to a broken world.

Highlands Community Church is a hospitable and friendly church with a rich seventy year history and story. Highlands Community Church is located in Renton, Washington and has a campus twenty minutes away in Kent. There is a significant and committed core of volunteers and leaders who get that the church is about helping people find and follow Jesus. There is an obvious desire to settle for nothing less than authentic, theologically sound, and Christ-honoring worship while making a missional impact on the community.

Highlands Community Church is in the last phase of an extensive upgrade and remodel that has helped create a warm and inviting environment for adults, youth and children. This is important since they’re a multi-generational church focused on impacting its community.

The style at Highlands Community Church is casual and they want people to experience God’s grace and love in every encounter. Highlands Community Church not about putting on a show, but having people experience a growing and deepening vertical relationship with God, and rich horizontal relationships with those around them.

The staff at Highlands Community Church is trusted and highly connected to the people and mission of the church. The pace on the weekend is concentrated with 4 services between Saturday night and Sunday, but the pace midweek is relaxed and focused on meeting the needs of the community. The staff is highly relational and fun and the culture is healthy and committed to providing its leadership an environment of trust and safety.

Position Description *
The person must be elder qualified to support the elders in their ministry to the body. He must desire to use his spiritual gifting in the church. The position requires experience in discipling leaders and team development. This person is to have spiritual gifting to and a proven track record of successfully developing leaders and ministries. He is to have a seminary degree or equivalent education.

General Description:
This position is a member of the Adult Ministry Team, and is selected by the Adult Ministry Team leader in conjunction with the Senior Pastor and Elder Board. He is expected to contribute to the team spirit of the staff, as he serves the Lord Jesus Christ and the Church.

Purpose and Strategy:
The purpose of this leadership position is to champion the discipleship of members of the congregation through classes and events. This involves nurturing supportive communities that care for the needs of one another and reaches out to include new people. A primary strategy for accomplishing these ministries is through equipping and supporting people and teams who are serving in these areas. This will happen through teaching Biblical doctrine and discipleship skills as well as personal meetings for support and accountability.

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