Palm Desert Community Presbyterian Church

Director of Worship
Palm Desert Community Presbyterian

Palm Desert, California
Palm Desert Community Pres is a church on the move. Its roots go back to 1949, when PDCPC was the home church of Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower. A rich history for sure, but this is church that is forward-looking, as a community of diverse people from all generations who come together to worship, grow, serve, and share life. Breaking with Presbyterian tradition of having an Interim Pastor after the retirement of their much beloved Lead pastor, PDCPC looked ahead proactively to the next generation of church life and brought in SoCal pastor David Ludwig, first as an Associate Pastor, then Co-Pastor, and now Lead Pastor to take Palm Desert Community Pres to new levels of community and world impact.

Church Description *

Pastor Dave and his leadership team are relentlessly committed to reaching the whole community of Palm Desert, especially the many young families who are flocking to the desert in search of an affordable lifestyle on the fringe of the greater Los Angeles area. Dave wants the music of Palm Desert Community Pres to embody the Church’s Values of Generations Together (the music is engaging and accessible to multiple generations), Reverent Worship (The music is thoughtful, theologically informed, awe inspiring, etc) and Loving Hospitality (the music invites people in to participate, it is done with excellence, it is clearly rehearsed and tight).

Inspired by Will Mancini’s book, Church Unique, the Leadership of Palm Desert Community Pres have put feet to its primary messages of casting fresh vision, capturing culture and creating movement in support of their mission statement of ‘Connecting with God, One Another and the World through Christ’.

Position Description *
The new Director of Worship for Palm Desert Community Pres will need:
– Strong vocal and instrumental talent, preferably both guitar and keyboard skills
– An engaging style on and off the platform, with an entrepreneurial spirit to build something incredible in partnership with Dave Ludwig, to help make Palm Desert Community Presbyterian church a community that thrives at all levels.
– A pastor’s heart for a cross-generational congregation
– A love for depth of content, breadth of styles, and a respect for hymns but presented in fresh, creative ways.
– The ability to train, lead and inspire choral singers

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