Bellevue Presbyterian Church

Director of Modern Worship
Bellevue Presbyterian Church

Bellevue, Washington
Church Description *
Located in the heart of Bellevue, just 15 miles east of Seattle, Bellevue Presbyterian Church (BelPres) has been changing lives on the Eastside of Seattle for over 60 years. Its influence in the community has never been stronger than it is today.

Currently, Bellevue Presbyterian Church welcomes over 4,000 weekly attenders between two Sanctuary (traditional) services, three modern services, and a growing number of online worshipers. The demographic of the church is truly multi-generational. Young adults, families, and seniors all love the church for its strong preaching, engagement with the community, and its family-friendly environment.

The worship ministry of BelPres is Spirit-led with a reputation of excellence. The Modern Service provides worship for well over 1,000 of the 2,500 adults who attend each week. The service is engaging and relational, with passionate worship (similar in style to Bethel or Hillsong).

As they look to the future, there is a strong desire to bring God’s healing to people wherever they are (school, work, home, church, world, etc.) with a specific strategy to prioritize youth and young adults. The Director of Modern Worship will play a significant role in carrying out this vision by setting the direction for the modern worship experience each week.

Position Description *
Bellevue Presbyterian Church is looking for a Director of Modern Worship who will support the vision and values of the church, creatively lead modern-style worship, maintain strong biblical standards in life and ministry, and operate with a caring and shepherding heart. This person will not only provide leadership for the three Modern services each week – responsible for planning, coordinating and leading weekly Sunday worship experiences — but also leadership, mentorship, and discipleship for the staff and volunteers who lead worship for youth, kids, and young adults.

BelPres is looking for a Director of Modern Worship who will work in collaboration with the Director of Music + Worship, Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, worship staff and volunteers, to facilitate the design of engaging worship services and special events. They will provide leadership and impart vision that creates a well-balanced appreciation for the arts and encourages using artistic gifts as offerings of worship.

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