west covina christian church

Community Pastor
West Covina Christian Church

West Covina, California
Church Description *
West Covina Christian Church (WCCC) is a multiethnic intergenerational community church located in the heart of West Covina, California.

In 1935, West Covina Christian Church was started as Baldwin Park Holiness Church, with a mission church to reach Japanese-Americans in the San Gabriel Valley (near Los Angeles). However, shortly after its start, the church was forced to disband because of the internment of all people of Japanese ancestry on the West Coast on February 19, 1942, during WWII. During this time, the church closed its doors for seven years.

After the War, the church re-opened with the name San Gabriel Valley Japanese Christian Church. Because of the testimony and influence of the Quakers towards Japanese-Americans during WWII, the reconvening church added new members. Although the church had the vision to reach Japanese-Americans with the gospel, when they moved to their present location in West Covina, CA they resolved to become a multi-ethnic congregation to impact the diverse community around them and changed their name to, West Covina Christian Church.

Today, West Covina Christian Church is healthy and unified and is intentionally moving toward a missional focus in reaching the community. Along with being an ethnically diverse church, the church is intentional about engaging people in ministry using their spiritual gifts and passions. This emphasis will continue to shape the ministry of West Covina Christian Church moving toward the future.

Pastor Rick Iwanaga has served as the Senior Pastor for nineteen years and will be retiring in November 2017. As West Covina Christian moves into a season of transition, the church will shift to a co-pastorate with two specifically designed job descriptions to help navigate in this direction. Current Associate Pastor Kory Wenell will step into the role of Ministry Pastor and will serve alongside a Community Pastor as co-pastors.

Position Description *
The Community Pastor will function as a co-pastor in partnership with the Ministry Pastor. Key essentials of the Community Pastor role are good chemistry and alignment with the Ministry Pastor’s style. Because the Community Pastor will function as a co-pastorate, it is also crucial that the candidate believes in partnership in ministry and being a team-player, humble and gentle in personality.

The ideal candidate will be someone who has experience in a multi-cultural (specifically Asian) context, is a self-motivated initiator, works well with teams, can develop lay leaders, handle conflict, and will follow through on implementing ministry opportunities. Potential candidates must hold a Master’s degree and have demonstrated experience as a skilled communicator as this position will also be responsible for half of the preaching responsibility.

The Community Pastor’s role will be to help West Covina Christian Church become more externally focused. Candidates for the Community Pastor position must have the ability to enhance and strengthen West Covina Christian Church’s outreach and assimilation process through solid strategy, sound leadership and clear communication.

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