fellowship greenville

Communications Director
Fellowship Greenville

Greenville, South Carolina
We live in a culture full of misconceptions about Christianity where many people are left with negative impressions of Christians and the church as a whole. Recognizing this, Fellowship Greenville desires to help people see what authentic Christianity looks like. Misconceptions people have carried for a long time fade away as they join a community of grace and begin passionately pursuing life and mission with Jesus.

Church Description *

Fellowship Greenville has a rich history of significant impact in Greenville County, SC. Directional Leader/Teaching Pastor Charlie Boyd has provided healthy leadership at Fellowship Greenville for the past 21 years. God doesn’t entrust any church to a single person, so at Fellowship Greenville a Directional Team leads strategic daily operations of the ministry with the guidance of a team of Elders.

Gospel fluency best describes the language of leadership at Fellowship Greenville as they intentionally and consistently make a big deal of the undeserved love, kindness, and compassion of God, shining a light on what he has done through Jesus. Leadership has prioritized their presence in the city of Greenville resulting in a reputation as a church of influence who genuinely cares about and for the community. Greenville County, SC has a population of nearly a half a million people and has, in many ways, experienced a cultural and economic renewal and revitalization in recent days.

Fellowship Greenville has grown in tandem with the city it serves, hosting 2,500+ at their weekly worship services. In response to this growth, they recently expanded their state-of-the-art facility to accommodate the increasing number of people who call Fellowship Greenville home.

Position Description *
Fellowship Greenville is looking for Communications Director to join a healthy staff that desires to amplify the goals, mission, and strategy of the organization and senior leadership. The challenge will be keeping up with a growing church that is very active. The communications team at Fellowship Greenville is hungry for a new leader who will pioneer a work culture with few limitations as well as contribute creative input and entrepreneurship to build better systems and processes.

Fellowship Greenville desires someone who has a strong track record of building effective and sustainable communications systems and an even greater ability to build healthy teams. Currently, Fellowship Greenville’s internal/church-wide communications strategy is stronger than their external/outreach communications strategy. The Communications Director will lead the charge in helping Fellowship Greenville reposition their brand identity through a social media strategy and web redesign that reflects their current reality. The ideal candidate will need a high level of emotional intelligence as they work closely with senior leadership and ministry leaders to accomplish organizational goals and objectives.


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