Coaches Outreach

Dallas, Texas

Coaches Outreach began in 1988 as a Bible study with a few coaches in Austin, TX. Today, more than 4000 high school coaches (and their families) in 14 states are impacted on a weekly basis by this ministry. Its mission is to build coaches of conviction by encouraging and equipping coaches and their spouses to have Christ-like character through practical application of Biblical truth. Its vision is to see coaches and their spouses around the nation leading a spiritual revival among young people.

Why coaches? CO believes that high school coaches have the potential to be the most dynamic youth ministers in America today. Studies have shown that a typical high school football coach will impact over 22,000 kids during their career. In fact, Billy Graham said, “One coach will impact more young people in a year than the average person does in their lifetime.” They do it in the classroom, the halls and on the field. Imagine if a coach sees what he does as more than merely a job, but as a mission … called by God and strategically placed in schools to minister to kids in a way that few can. Coaches Outreach believes that much of the future of America’s youth may very well be in the hands of these coaches. The goal is to help coaches embrace the move from a transactional focus (wins and losses) to a transformational focus … and to see coaching as their ministry.

When the ministry began, coaches asked for help in two ways, “Help us stay strong in our marriages, and help us study the Bible.” Since then, God has used Coaches Outreach to do just that.

CO equips coaches through relevant, “hands–on” Bible studies written specifically for coaches. These “Playbooks”, as they are known, are free to coaches participating in a study at their school and to their spouses, if they request it. They are led by local lay leaders (currently 490 volunteers) who are just that – laymen, not ministry professionals – and meet weekly during each Spring and Fall for 13 weeks. There are four short lessons each week with questions to answer and study notes to read in preparation for the coaches’ weekly time together.

They also hold Summer Marriage Retreats, designed especially to strengthen the marriages of coaches and their spouses. These retreats have grown to become a staple of the ministry for more than 25 years. This summer, there were five Marriage Retreats held in June and July in four different states (TX, AL, NC, AR) with more than 300 couples attending. They include times of teaching, worship, prayer, fun, fellowship, couple time and deep small group connection. God has used them to save marriages and to knit lifelong relationships together.

Here’s what some of the coaches themselves have to say…

Coaches Outreach has been a huge blessing to my staff and me over the past seven years. The studies have helped us stay grounded and focused on what’s really important in this life. We’ve been given some great tools to help cultivate and grow a closer relationship with Jesus Christ as well as our wives and children. We all want to win games, but in the end, it isn’t going to matter how many games you’ve won or lost. What’s going to matter is how many lives you’ve influenced for the Kingdom. – Mark Howard, AD/Head Football Coach, Trinity Christian Academy, Addison, TX

Coaches Outreach has helped me be a better Christian, husband, father and football coach by keeping me focused on what matters most, and that is drawing closer to Christ and being His servant on earth who is willing to share His gospel. – Scott Johnson, HD Football Coach, Starmount HS, Boonville, NC

Coaches Outreach has transformed our coaching staff into a brotherhood of positive coaches who share the gospel Jesus Christ with each other and our players. – Chris Gray, Assistant Basketball Coach, South Calloway R-II HS, Mokane, MO

This is a great opportunity to bond with other members of our staff while sharing our faith. It helps us stay strong as Christian men and women in a society where the values lines have become blurred. It reconfirms why we coach…to impact the lives of those we touch on a daily basis. – Mark Smith, Athletic Coordinator/Head Football Coach, Madison HS, San Antonio, TX

Coaches Outreach was founded and led by Tommy Maxwell, a former NFL player and seminary-trained pastor, who retired at the end of June 2016. Other key staff lead the areas of operations, program/outreach and content/education. It is headquartered in Dallas and has an annual budget of about $900,000, which has been fairly steady over the past few years.


The number of lives that have been impacted over the years by Coaches Outreach with just five full–time staff and less a $1 million annual budget is nothing short of amazing. This is a ministry that is having a real Kingdom impact, not only with the 4000 coaches (plus their spouses) who are currently involved, but on the tens of thousands of athletes they have coached and will coach. And while fourteen states is a strong base, there are still high school coaches in 36 other states who could benefit greatly from this ministry.

The next Executive Director must be passionate, pastoral and Biblical. They may currently be a pastor who has a strong sports background, or they could be a seminary-trained businessman who is a former coach or college or professional athlete. Whoever he is, he will need to be spiritually mature, strong theologically, a defender of scriptural inerrancy, and passionate about ministry to coaches … someone who loves the Word of God and believes in its power to change lives. He will need to be both visionary and strategic, and yet remain committed to CO’s focus on high school coaches. He will be the public face and voice of the ministry and will need to be able to effectively tell the story at every level in order to expand its financial base, carrying the main responsibility of fundraising – for a time, at least – while moving towards a future role of giving oversight to this area and helping to “close” with major donors.


Title: Executive Director                                                                               

Reports to: Board of Directors

General Function: Under the authority and direction of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director champions the vision of Coaches Outreach, leads its staff team, increases its ministry scope, reach and effectiveness, expands and deepens its funding base and public profile with potential donors.

Location: Dallas–Ft. Worth area.

Position Summary: Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director has overall strategic and operational responsibility for the strategic direction, programs, fundraising and execution of the mission. It is important that this person has a deep knowledge and passion for coaches, their spouses, discipleship and the mission of CO, its operations and business plans.

Personal Experience, Education and Skills

  • Theologically grounded in Reformed Theology. BA in Bible, Theology, Ministry or related field required. M.Div. or Th.M. preferred.
  • A long history of involvement in and love of sports and coaching. Also, an understanding of the potential impact of a high school coach on young people.
  • Good writing skills.
  • Strong motivational speaking skills and ability to represent ministry at various events.
  • Demonstrated understanding of fundraising and ability to both lead and assist, as needed.


I. Material and Doctrinal Understanding, Conference Oversight, Speaking

  • Playbooks/Bible Studies
  1. Regularly pray for the development of Bible studies, lay leaders and coaches participating.
  2. Review and edit Bible Study materials for accurate interpretation and relevance to the audience.
  3. Final review and approval on all Playbooks.
  • Marriage Conferences
  1. Provide direction to the CO team for selecting the resources for conferences.
  2. Identify and secure potential speakers.
  3. Approve agenda for each conference.
  4. Attend all (5–6) weekend conferences in June and July.
  5. Comfortable hosting, participating in skits, interacting with coaches, etc.
  • Public speaking engagements to help promote Coaches Outreach.
  • Able to interact with potential Lay Leaders and Area Reps on doctrinal questions.
  • With the CO team, coordination of all agenda/technical/visual aspects of banquets and conferences.

II. Writing and Editing

  • Review and edit each semester’s Bible study.
  • Write ‘Insight Notes” on each weekly study (1–2 pages) highlighting important points.
  • Write the feature article for the Point After bi-annual newsletter.
  • Review/edit/approve all ads for publication, promotional material, brochures, website, etc., that are designed by the CO team.
  • Handwrite notes on gift receipts to ~50 key donors each month.
  • Write a monthly letter to donors.

III. Interaction with Lay Leaders, Area Reps, Coaches and Major Donors

  • Oversee material and training of Lay Leaders and Area Reps.
  • Attend coaching conventions, trainings, competitions, etc.
  1. Interact with coaches in their environment.
  2. Publicize CO in new and existing venues.
  3. Speak to athletes at schools, as opportunities arise.
  • Creative understanding and skill on how to raise money and keep donors informed.
  • Cultivate relationships with key major donors.

IV. Pastoring

  • Shepherd the CO staff.
  • Meet with Lay Leaders, Area Reps, and coaches to provide pastoral care, as needed.

V. Goals/Reviews

  • Create, monitor and evaluate annual goals for each direct report.
  • Provide annual review of performance for each team member.
  • Manage and oversee weekly activity of direct reports.

VI. Long Term Planning

  • Strategize and execute an ongoing, long-term plan for adding Bible Studies and Marriage Retreats.
  1. Seven-year goal of 1000 Bible Studies, 1000 lay leaders and 10,000 coaches participating in the ministry.
  2. Goal of adding Marriage Retreats to minister to coaches in each region of the country.
    • Develop and oversee a ministry expansion plan for spreading the ministry to new states each year.

To download a copy of the full Organization & Position Profile, click here.

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To view a 9–minute video overview of the ministry, click here.

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