North Orange Christian Church

Orange, California
Church Description *
North Orange Christian Church was founded in 1973. NOCC is a non-denominational congregation, not aligned with a denomination or group of churches, but willing to partner with any churches who follow Jesus. Our mission is to facilitate a passionate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, leading to lifelong discipleship. We target a multi-cultural community and young families. We hold as core values the Lordship of Jesus, Love, Integrity, Excellence, the Authority of Scripture and Faithful to God’s Purposes.

In the past decade, NOCC has intentionally shifted its focus from a “fill the seats” approach to truly making disciples. This decision has brought a number of positive changes including an emphasis on serving the poor, an increased level of diversity (ethnic, socio-economic, general functioning, etc.), and a focus on evaluating individual spiritual health on a regular basis.

We currently average approximately 300 on a Sunday morning, though we have over 500 regularly participating in worship and small groups, and 200-300 more involved in our Storehouse ministry each week.

NOCC is in the heart of Southern California and within easy driving distance of Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm and the beach.

This Church is a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic congregation that is seeking to reach young familes. NOCC has four strategic values that guide the church…
• Discipleship
• A Passionate, Personal Relationship with Jesus
• Relational Ministry
• Openness to All Peoples

NOCC is an elder led church.

We follow the scriptural pattern of local churches led by a plurality of spiritually qualified elders. Pastoral staff—including the Senior Minister—are not part of this Biblical model, but are positions used by the elders to provide trained, experienced and effective ministry. The staff are responsible to the Senior Minister, who in turn is responsible to the elders as a group. The Senior Minister is considered an ex-officio elder.

Position Description *
Full-time Staff Position: Co-Minister, North Orange Christian Church, Orange, CA.

Purpose of Position:  North Orange Christian Church is seeking a mature, experienced minister to join a strong staff as Co-Minister.  The man in this position will share “Senior Minister” duties with the current Senior Minister as the church moves to a Co-Ministry approach to leadership.

North Orange Christian Church exists to facilitate a passionate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, leading to lifelong discipleship. We recognize that many churches emphasize the beginning of this process (evangelism) or the remainder of the process (building maturity). The current Senior Minister is a gifted teacher, counselor and mentor.  While devoted to evangelism, his passion and gifts are oriented to building mature believers.  The Co-Minister must be equally devoted to NOCC’s mission statement, while having a passion and gifts which are oriented to evangelism.

• We are seeking a man who will complement the current Senior Minister’s gifts and passions, working as a team under the leadership of the elders of the church.
• Ideally, this person will be 35-45 years old, complementing the current Senior Minister (60 years old) and generationally as well.
• A mature Christian man with strong family relationships.
• A man who meets the Biblical qualifications for eldership (this person will be considered an ex-officio elder).
• Full agreement with NOCC’s Mission Statement; the non-denominational and non-creedal stances of NOCC; and our Core

-The Lordship of Jesus
-The Authority of Scripture
-Faithfulness to God’s Purposes
• A commitment to the Biblical role of the elders as the true leaders of the church.
• 15 years of experience in a senior staff role of a local church.
• A passion for evangelism and the personal gifts and skills necessary for evangelism and equipping others for evangelism.
• A minimum of a Masters Degree or its equivalent in Biblical Theology and/or Ministry.
• The ability to teach and inspire others to follow Christ faithfully.
• Experience working with an ethnically and socio-economically diverse congregation.

Primary Responsibilities
• Leading the staff with Randy Christian.
• Preaching aproximately 50% of the weekends each year.
• Leading the church to a more externally focused posture
• Adding energy to …
o Evangelism
o Community Service
o Having fun together as we grow in the Lord


• This co- Minster will report to the board of elders.

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