Children’s Pastor
The Crossing (Grant's Trail Campus)

St. Louis, Missouri
Church Description *
The Crossing began with a handful of folks in a living room with a common vision to create a church where people’s lives are radically changed through Jesus Christ in radical ways. A place where they could bravely ask even the most basic questions about God without feeling out of place. While the number of people has grown beyond the limits of a living room, the vision has never strayed—It’s only gotten more interesting. The Crossing has become more than just a “place.” It’s a community that’s fresh, real, raw, alive and committed to telling an ancient story to break through even the most hardened of hearts.

Explore, Experience, Express. This is the ethos of The Crossing. Their services are created in a way to open your mind and cause you to engage in the knowledge of scripture while allowing you to explore the truth. The effect of this goes beyond knowledge, transforming the heart as they experience the realization of God. The result is a church that expresses this truth in tangible way in how they live their lives. This is orchestrated in a deliberate and collaborative way with an emphasis on authenticity.

Position Description *
At The Crossing, the kids’ ministry is structured with a central support team providing the overall direction, as well as curriculum supplies. The main function of the campus Children’s Pastor is to provide leadership development to the volunteer and staff teams, as well as execution of the ministry strategy.

The new Children’s Pastor will have the ability to establish the ministry from the ground up as the Grant’s Trail Campus launches in 2017. While there is a central support with curriculum and ministry structure/philosophy, the new leader will have to build teams and leaders from scratch. There are already a large number of volunteers currently serving at Fenton who will join the newly minted Grant’s Trail KidsCrossing Team. They are expected to launch with about 500 people sometime later this year.

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