Children’s Pastor
Element Church

Cheyenne, Wyoming
Church Description *
Since its beginning in 2007, Element Church has strived to be a life-giving movement of people impacting their community in such a way that if they were gone, their community would miss them. “We’ve always been about reaching people that other churches would never reach,” says founding and Lead Pastor, Jeff Maness. “In order for this to happen, we actually have to do things that other churches would never do.”

For the past ten years, Element Church has celebrated marriages being restored, addicts being set free, the lonely finding a place to belong, and a community being redeemed in the name of Jesus. They have grown to 1,500 strong and are one year into a new initiative to revitalize churches in every county in Wyoming. Element’s influence is about more than just one city.

Kids run to the far end of the lobby to check in at the E:KIDZ experience, which runs on all cylinders, all three services. “We know that at the center of our target is this fictional character we’ve named Eddie,” says Executive Pastor Derek Mowery. “He’s a bit rough around the edges, but he loves his kids!”

Position Description *
The Children’s Ministry of Element Church is called E:KIDZ and encompasses both large and small group models for teaching classrooms during the weekend services. Each service is about 65 minutes in length. There are currently about 150 volunteers, as well as a full-time ministry assistant in E:KIDZ. Junior helpers (teens from the student ministry) are the youngest volunteers and have the least responsibilities. Helpers fill the lowest level adult volunteer positions; they report to the Classroom Leader, who reports to a Service Captain. Service Captains report to the Kids’ Pastor/Director.

“The E:KIDZ Ministry has been coasting for a while,” says Derek. “We haven’t innovated much, and we’re not seeing the dynamic volunteer leadership development in this area of the church that we see in other areas.” This is the primary focus of what the leadership team knows needs to change with this next hire.

A Great Candidate Will:

  • Be a self-starter with drive
  • Fit into a fast-moving, thick-skinned staff culture
  • Have some Bible-training
  • Have experience in Kids’ Ministry on a church staff role or in high-level residency
  • Be a nurturer of volunteers
  • Be a developer of structure and people

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