Campus Worship Leader
Flatirons Church

Denver, Colorado
Church Description 
Flatirons Community Church began in 1997. It is the 14th largest church in America, and the largest church in Colorado. After meeting in various locations for many years, they remodeled a huge retail space, transforming it into an amazing ministry facility. They have gradually been acquiring and ‘re-imagining’ the surrounding strip mall to accommodate this rapidly expanding staff.

Four years ago they launched Flatirons West Campus and two years ago they added Flatirons Downtown. Additional campuses are in the pipeline as FCC’s influence and story continue to expand.People are ‘real’, innovative, and down-to-earth, and the vision and ministry strategy of FCC reflects this. The church community is predominately middle-income and Caucasian families with growing diversity. Their target demographic is ‘real’ men in the 25 to 55 age range with families. Most importantly they are targeting the lost people of their greater community, regardless of demographic.

Position Description 
Flatirons is a unique church. Explosive growth has given them tremendous influence and a platform to impact their city in powerful ways each week. Along with this comes an equivalent pressure to deliver consistently powerful gatherings in multiple locations. They are looking for strong Worship Leaders to lead and build at new campuses they are launching.

This position will ultimately report to the Campus Pastor, with initial (then dotted line) reporting to the Executive Worship Pastor. They are looking for a worship leader who has:

• Gifted leadership on and off the platform – proven leader/ministry leader
• High musical competency and vocal skills
• Developed pastoral skills
• Ability to rehearse band and vocals for worship services
• Experience in recruiting and training leaders and volunteers
• Capacity to thrive in a high-pressure and fast-paced environment.
• Calling to local church ministry

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