Campus Pastor
High Desert Church

Victorville, California
Church Description *
Over fifty years ago, several families began a Bible study in John and Faye Powell’s home, believing Victor Valley was ready for a church that was intent on fulfilling the challenge of the Great Commission. In April of 1960, the High Desert Baptist Church held its first public service. For the first thirty years of ministry, the church’s gradual development was comparable to what the high desert community experienced as a whole. Then, two decades ago, God began an extraordinary chapter in HDBC’s progression as Victor Valley began to position itself for dynamic change and explosive growth.

In 1996, HDBC became High Desert Church, strategically reaching beyond its Baptist roots to embrace the broader Evangelical community. Over the past twenty years, HDC has grown from a church of 125 people into one that ministers to 12,000 regular participants, comprising four different regional communities in Victorville, Apple Valley, Phelan and Hesperia.

High Desert Church believes that the local church is a critical element to your success in reaching your world. Here are the things that High Desert Church thinks are helpful when it comes to keeping you fresh, encouraged, and growing in your relationship with God:

Meaningful Worship – Every weekend, High Desert Church has worship services available at multiple locations. Coming together to worship together as believers is a very important part of effective ministry (Heb 10:25).

Meaningful Relationship – High Desert Church believes that Small Groups are a critical support system that can help you be more effective in your ministry.

Meaningful Role – High Desert Church believes that Scripture is very clear about the fact that each of us has been given certain gifts. Serving is a way for us to serve others and glorify God with those gifts.

Position Description *
The intent of this hire is to find a future Victorville Lead Pastor to lead a campus of more than 3500 people. With that in mind, this Campus Pastor candidate should have the spiritual gifts, personal temperament and ministry skill set to fulfill the responsibilities outlined in the VV Lead Pastor Ministry Profile (available upon request). With that end in mind, initial responsibilities (for at least one, and no longer than two years) are described in the VV Associate Minister Ministry Profile (available upon request). During that time, the candidate would serve under the leadership of the present Victorville Lead Pastor, as the candidate learns HDC’s culture, assimilates HDC’s DNA and develops trust with the rest of High Desert Church’s leadership team.

1. Manage the implementation of HDC’s Three Meaningfuls on the VV site. This includes all direction necessary for weekend services, small groups and transitioning people into personal ministries.

2. Assist in the identification, recruitment and development process of all small groups and their leaders.

3. Assist in the identification, recruitment and development process of all ministry leaders on the campus.

4. Mentor campus staff members and volunteers, championing oikocentric ministry on the campus as well as
building HDC DNA into all the ministries and activities that the campus implements.

5. Supervise the VV site family’s local serve efforts.

6. Participate as a member of the teaching team, meeting weekly to prepare a systematic study of God’s Word through the weekend worship services.

7. Serve on HDC’s Church Management Team, helping to coordinate a balanced approach to multi-site

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