Journey of Faith

Campus Pastor
Journey of Faith

Manhattan Beach, California
Church Description *
Journey of Faith began in 1911 with a small group of families wanting to share the love of Jesus in the beach cities of the South Bay. JOF envisioned raising up the next generation of Jesus-followers as they converted a school bus into a traveling Sunday school class for children in the area. Over 100 years later JOF has grown from a community of 30 families to over 3,000 people calling Journey of Faith their home.

Journey of Faith is a casual and friendly church with a great story and future. JOF has a passion and vision for the city of Manhattan Beach and the communities surrounding it. JOF is about bringing glory to God by loving God, loving people and making disciples.

Today JOF is healthy and growing. Lead Pastor, Jason Cusick, hasn’t slowed down and is excited about the future. The condition and location of JOF’s present facilities are excellent, however, JOF has outgrown their current space and is completely built out on their current campus. Because of this, JOF is preparing to send 200 families out of the Manhattan Beach campus to launch a campus in or around Torrance. This will allow JOF to continue to grow and focus on reaching a new community with its unique DNA.

JOF has developed a multisite strategy, which provides clarity and focus to their next season of ministry as leadership implements its vision, mission and values to grow and impact the communities they serve. It’s critical that JOF’s first Campus Pastor is in alignment with where JOF is headed and can confidently work with the leadership. JOF is at a defining moment in its story as it prepares and transitions the church to launch its new campus.

Position Description *
The Campus Pastor leads all of ministry efforts on the campus to execute the mission, vision and values of Journey of Faith. This person is the “face of the place” leading the campus, overseeing staff and volunteers, hosting weekend services, assimilating new guests, reaching the community and occasionally teaching.

1. Execute the vision of JOF and its leadership in a contextually effective manner.

2. Build a launch plan for the campus and execute it successfully

3. Leadership, communication and administrative gifts are essential.

4. Provide the primary leadership for the Campus and Staff.

5. Align the Campus church, staff and volunteers behind the vision and ethos of the main campus.

6. Lead weekly staff meetings and weekend experiences at the Campus.

7. Champion outreach and groups as a consistent value.

8. Develop and execute a plan for annual staff goal setting, development
and coaching. (Lead your leaders).

9. Develop, train, and release teams of volunteers into ministry.

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