Campus Pastor
Pinelake (Reservoir Campus)

Brandon, Mississippi
Church Description *
Pinelake Church is a multi-site congregation in Mississippi with campuses in Clinton, Madison, the Reservoir (Brandon), Starkville and Oxford. Each of the five campuses has a ministerial staff that serve their local community of believers, under the leadership of its Campus Pastor. The campuses are bound together by one common vision and mission under one senior leadership team, led by Senior Pastor Chip Henderson and Senior Executive Pastor Tim Smith.

Pinelake’s vision is to see Mississippi changed one Life Change Story at a time. Church home to more than 9,000 attendees each week, Pinelake was named to Outreach magazine’s “100 Largest Churches in America” in 2011 and 2013. Pinelake also was named to Outreach magazine’s “100 Fastest-Growing Churches in America” list in 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011. Pinelake currently employs more than 100 full-time and part-time people across its five campuses. The mission of Pinelake is to help people Learn from Christ, Live in Christ and Lead others to Christ.

Pinelake believes that Jesus is to be the head of the Church in all things. Pinelake Church is led by the pastors and ministry staff team in all matters of spiritual direction, teaching, ministry programming, strategy and priorities. The pastors and staff of Pinelake work under the spiritual oversight of an Elder leadership team. These Elders function as overseers for the church in the areas of theology, accountability, wisdom, church discipline and prayer.

Position Description *
The Reservoir Campus Pastor will perform as the spiritual and directional point person for the Reservoir Campus. He will execute the strategy, values and vision of the Senior Leadership Team of Pinelake Church within the context of the local congregation. He will act as shepherd for the congregation and oversee the staff. The pastor will ensure the vitality of community and discipleship connections.

-Pastor the Reservoir Congregation.
-Responsible for Identification and Leadership development within key ministries at Pinelake.
-Exemplify and lead the staff in accordance with the Vision, Mission, Pinelake Church and Staff Values.
-Teach as scheduled.
-Oversight and accountability of Campus budget.
-Identify, plan, and execute local missions opportunities in coordination with Pinelake Missions team.

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