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Associate Worship Leader
Jacob's Well

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
Jacob’s Well is a growing church of approximately 2,500, located just east of Minneapolis in the city of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. It is attracting young families in the region and reaching people other churches don’t reach. They are currently building a new facility to help them in this effort. This is a great time to jump on this team!

Church Description *

Jacob’s Well launched in a middle school in March of 2001 with over 200 people in attendance. There was quick growth in the beginning, along with five moves within the first four years, as the church needed to relocate to facilities that would serve the church’s needs on Sunday mornings.

In 2006, the church moved into its first permanent home. Once in the new facility, the church switched to offering multiple services, including a Saturday evening service. In 2011, the church built again, adding a Student Center (known as the North Venue), which, in addition to the Auditorium, is used as a secondary venue for weekend services.

Jacob’s Well continues to grow, and a new main auditorium, the South Venue, is being built throughout the summer of 2018, with a remodel and repurpose of the existing square footage to expand kids’ ministry space and to convert the current main auditorium into the secondary venue going forward. The building project will be completed this fall.

Position Description *
Even with the addition of a facility, the church remains committed to multi-venue ministry. To accomplish this, to continue building a relational, connected, creative culture of worship, and to lead a sizable and growing team of volunteers well, an additional Associate Worship Leader is needed.

The ministry is currently led by Commitments Pastor Grant Schultz. He leads worship, which is a big part of his overall leadership of Jacob’s Well’s Five Commitments: Belong, Grow, Worship, Serve, Share. In addition to Grant, there is one other full-time Associate Worship Leader, and full-time Tech Director on the team. This team collaborates creatively and also find crossover connections for the student worship ministry.

There is a consensus that a new level of shared vision, culture-creation, team-building, equipping, and releasing for ministry should be realized for this next season, and this position helps answer that need.

The right person for this role could be:
– A worship leader, primarily on guitar
– A multi-instrumentalist; able to harmonize vocally
– Proven team-builder,
– Collaborative, a team player
– Creatively inspired
– Passionate and authentic
– Comfortable with up-to-date technology and sound
– A leader with depth, not merely a “performer”
– Teachable, hungry to learn and be coached
– Excited to help create a shared vision

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