How Leaders Can Grow in the Art of Communication

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Communication is an essential component of effective leadership. If you have great vision but cannot communicate it effectively to your team, it will be really difficult for that vision to be effectively executed.

As leaders, communication should be something that we’re constantly working on improving. The reality is that communication is an art. For many leaders and pastors, it’s something that doesn’t come naturally and requires practice and study. If communication is something you struggle with or are looking to better yourself in, try out the suggestions below:

Stay rooted in Scripture.

Your communication and the advice you offer should always be rooted in and inspired by Scripture. This is essential if we expect to communicate Godly wisdom. We need to speak the truth of the Bible without compromise. Speaking Biblically is often inspired by the Spirit and requires diligent study and immersion in God’s word.

Be wise and discerning in what you communicate.

When communicating, be discerning and take into account the stage of life and experiences the person you are speaking with has undergone. Sometimes, it’s important to communicate things with tenderness. Other times, we need to be stern and direct. Use Godly wisdom and let the Spirit guide you in discerning how you can communicate your thoughts respectfully and honestly.

Speak respectfully and honestly.

Respect and honesty are keys to successful and well-received communication. We must communicate ideas with respect and without tiptoeing around the truth. Honesty is always the best policy. Speak the truth with respect, and the person on the receiving end will be much more likely to listen and respond in a positive manner.

Show genuine interest and compassion.

Show interest in the person/people you are speaking to and compassion for what they may be struggling with. Show compassion for those who are hurting. People will be much more likely to open up if they feel you care about them and can sympathize with them in whatever they’re going through.

Draw out the thoughts of others.

As a leader, there are times we need to do the talking and guiding, and other times when it’s important to draw out the thoughts and feelings of others. Proverbs 20:5 states, “The purpose in a man’s heart is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out.” Blessed is the leader who can draw out such thoughts in others and create dialogue that brings out the other person’s thoughts and feelings. Effective communication is never one-sided.

What leadership insights can you share about being a better communicator?

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