Create a Strong Church Identity in 2016

by:  |  January 11th, 2016  |  Communications  | 

What are some essential factors to keep in mind when you’re trying to create a strong church identity? Here are some tips for bringing your vision to life in 2016 and beyond:


Before diving in to the application process of branding, take some time aside to brainstorm and strategize with your team about the defining elements of your church and possible ways they can be implemented into your church’s branding. The strategy aspect of creating a church identity is important because it provides an opportunity to consider many ideas and go through a process of revision and refinement before settling on your brand image.

Define Messaging and Voice:

How you define the “voice” of your church will inform how you express the messaging you push out to your congregation. What are your values as a church? What’s the general “feel” of your services? What does your church care about? Are you more traditional or modern? Defining messaging and voice in the early stages will help direct your tone on social media, print materials, web copy, and more.

Design a Logo:

Designing an effective logo is important because your logo will define your church’s unique personality and mission. Take some time to brainstorm a logo design that is creative, iconic, and unique. Many churches and brands will begin with having their name in the logo, but the truly lasting brands often come to a point when they’re able to drop their name completely because their logo image alone becomes an iconic symbol that’s easily recognizable.

Establish Clear Social Media Branding:

Creating and maintaining a strong and brand-forward social media presence is a no-brainer when it comes to defining a strong church identity. Make sure that you are consistent in your postings and that your branding is relayed across all the social media platforms your church decides to use for promotion and marketing purposes. This means everything from the language you use to the hashtags you promote, down to the visuals matching up with your branding guidelines. Which leads us right into the next point:

Create a Church-Wide Style Guide:

The benefits of creating a church-wide style guide are endless. A style guide creates an outline of the visual aspects of your brand, including what your brand looks like in various visual media channels, such as websites, print materials, blogs, social media channels, and email communications. A solid style guide helps ensure consistency across all aspects of your brand.

Launch and Share Your New Brand Identity:  

Once you’ve defined all these elements of your church identity, it’s time to release them into the wild! Launch and share your new brand identity with your church and staff, and make sure all the elements are applied across every aspect of your church’s branding.