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by: Nancy Beach  |  January 23rd, 2017  |  Coaching  | 

I sat over lunch recently with a good friend. She asked me what part of 2017 I’m most looking forward to, and what is giving me LIFE.  My first answer is almost always about my family – how thrilled I am to see my two daughters flourishing, and what a sweet season I’m in with my husband.  But after family, my next response was also easy.  I can’t wait to start another Coaching Circle this year!  Facilitating a gathering of leaders and creating an opportunity for them to share their stories and sharpen one another is one of my favorite experiences in life.  When I have the opportunity to lead a circle, I drive away each time thinking, “I was born for this!”

God crafted me to love genuine community and to lay awake at night thinking of ways to help leaders flourish.  While I’m a fan of conferences and workshops, a coaching circle is an experience with an entirely different texture. In an intimate group of just 10-12 leaders, there is room for dialogue and exchange of ideas.  There is space for exploration and laughter and empathy and growth.  I look forward to launching a new circle at the end of April, and can’t wait to see who God will assemble for this life-changing experience.


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I continue to connect with the nearly 50 individuals who have been a part of my circles in the past. One of those leaders is Valerie Webb, a Staff Pastor at Twin Lakes Church in Santa Cruz, California.  Here’s what Valerie had to say about her Coaching Circles experience:

“I had no idea how much I needed this! I went into the Coaching Circle excited to learn from Nancy’s decades of ministry experience and get ideas from her and others in the Circle (which I did), but not really sure what else would come out of the investment of time and money.

Well, here’s what came out of it (and what I really needed): support, challenge, and relationships. The process was full of support from Nancy, both in person and on the phone. One-on-one time talking and answering questions that I had never taken the time to ask myself. But all done in an atmosphere of safety, caring, and a willingness to come alongside me in my journey.

There were also challenges from Nancy — challenges to face down thoughts and patterns in my personal life and ministry that I had been hesitant to examine and lean into. And there were relationships – not just with Nancy and her team, but with the other women in the circle. Being in community with other women in ministry has been so life-giving, and those relationships continue to this day.

It would not be an overstatement to say the Coaching Circle changed my life and has made an enduring impact on my ministry.”


Being a woman in a senior leadership role either at a church or in another kingdom ministry can be lonely and overwhelming at times.  I am looking for 10-12 women to boldly join a group, who start off as strangers and slowly develop into what feels like a family.  If that sounds like something you are ready for, please check out our website and apply.  I look forward with great anticipation to the adventure of this new Circle of friends!


Learn more about Nancy’s 2017 Coaching Circles experience at coaching-circles.com

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