5 Ways to Support Your Church Staff During the Holidays

by:  |  November 26th, 2015  |  Staffing  | 

The holidays are quickly falling upon us, and for churches, that oftentimes means increased church attendance, a greater need for volunteers, and more kids attending kid’s ministry. The holiday season can be a hectic time, but also a great opportunity to introduce more people to your church and ultimately—to God’s truth and word. Therefore, it’s essential that your staff, the heart of your church, is well prepared and encouraged during this time.

Here are 5 ways to support your church staff during the holidays:

1) Write your staff an encouraging note.

If you haven’t taken the time to thank your staff, consider writing them an encouraging note or thank-you card to let them know that you appreciate the work they’re doing. Letting your staff know that you care about them and value their work will go far in helping remind them of how much you support and care about them. This will then emanate into the work they do within the church.

2) Ask your church staff how you can help them.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for a staff member at your church when you know they’re stressed is ask, “How can we help you?” Sometimes staff members are afraid to speak up about needing help, perhaps because they feel the need to take the burden on themselves, or because they see that everyone around them is just as busy and overwhelmed. Asking this simple question and then finding a way to address any concerns they have will go far in showing them that you care and support them. Being proactive in this can also be a great help in encouraging your church staff. For example, if you see that a kid’s ministry staff member is short on volunteers, look into other areas where you can pull volunteers to assist in their room.

3) Pray for your church staff.

Prayer is powerful and especially important during the busy holiday season. Set apart some intentional time to pray together with your church staff. Pray that your church staff would steward their ministries well during this time. Pray that God would use your church staff to further his mission and to reach out to new churchgoers during this time. Pray against stress and fear. Pray for God to provide the resources and volunteers necessary to keep up with larger church attendance during this time. Prayer brings your requests to God but also visibly shows your staff that you love them, care about them, and support them in the work they’re doing.

4) Encourage and create intentional time for rest.

Even church staff needs rest during the holiday season. Be intentional about creating time for your staff to rest and spend time with their own friends and family during this time. Some churches will sometimes cancel services following Christmas to give their staff some time off from the busyness and preparation leading up to the holiday.

5) Give your staff members a special gift to honor them over the holidays.

Set a reasonable budget aside for the leadership in your church to utilize in recognizing your staff members. Simple gifts such as gift certificates, movie tickets or books can show recognition and appreciation without being too costly.

Remember, your church staff is the backbone of your church, and essential for running your programs and services. Investing and encouraging your staff, especially during the busy holiday season, will make them feel that they are cared for and a valuable part of your ministry as a church.